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Woman changing Xerox printer toner

Easy Ways to Check the Toner Level in Your Xerox® Printer

There’s never a good time to run out of toner, especially when you’re in the middle of a busy day at the office. Many Xerox® printers will alert you when they’re running low. But it’s also helpful to know how you can check your toner levels at any time.

Knowing where to look will save you time and may even avert a crisis. Imagine the scenario: your boss has asked you to provide that report by the end of the day, or you need to convince a customer with an eye-catching presentation this afternoon. You need to know your printer is all set to print the last pages as beautifully as the first.

Check out these five methods to find out how much toner you have left:

1. Using the Color Touch Screen

The Xerox B and C Series and VersaLink printers and multifunction printers let you check your toner levels in just a couple of clicks. On the User Interface (UI), look for and select ‘Status/Supplies’, then, from the list select ‘Supplies’. The display will show the amount of toner available in each toner cartridge:

c235 printer, copy, email, shortcuts
c235 printer status update, status/supplies, job queue, settings
c235 status/supplies, alerts, trays
c235 low ink settings, supplies, black cartridge, low, cyan cartridge, magenta cartridge

2. Using a web browser

Most Xerox networked printers use a web interface that allows you to check your toner levels online. Do this by entering the IP address of the printer into your web browser. You can find the IP address on the top left of the device’s User Interface:

User interface of the Xerox C235 MFP with the IP address highlighted

After entering the IP address on your web browser, click on ‘Status’ to see your supplies report, which will look like the one below. This means you can check all networked printers right from where you sit, even if the printer is down the hall or in another building.

Xerox C235 Color MFP with IP Address and ink levels shown

3. Using your print driver

Some printers and MFPs have what’s called ‘bi-directional print drivers’. This means they automatically display toner levels (and other functions) within the printer driver. So, for example, if you have a Xerox C235 Color Multifunction Printer, you can hover over the row of icons in the lower right corner of the ‘Printing Options’ tab and more details will appear on the screen.

To find this window, click on ‘Printer Properties’ and then ‘Print Settings’. This is what the Printing Options tab looks like:

c235 printer settings, job type, paper, 2-sided printing selected, black and white, printer quality selected

4. Setting up email alerts

To make things easier still – and for that extra peace of mind – you can set up an email alert to tell you when toner is getting low. To configure your printer, go to your web browser, enter your printer’s IP address and navigate to Settings > Device > Notifications > Email Alerts Setup. You’ll find ‘Email Alerts Setup’ halfway down:

c235 Setting up email alerts with IP Address shown

This will open a dialogue box where you can specify who should receive email alerts, plus a series of check boxes and drop down menus that allow you to choose the content of the email:

c235 email advanced settings, lists and alerts

5. Using the Xerox Print & Scan app

You can also view supply levels through the free desktop ‘Xerox Print and Scan Experience’ app which you can download from the Microsoft Store. Click on ‘Device Information’ and see the list of toner levels on your printer:

Using the Xerox Print & Scan app, device information

Time to act

You should now be able to check your toner levels whenever you want. When you need more, simply order your Xerox toner here.

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