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Elem Navigator Digital Manufacturing Software

Handling Supply Chain Challenges

Manufacturers today are exposed to operational risks due to a lack of control and flexibility within the supply chain. Additive manufacturing (AM) has proven to be an effective solution towards supply chain resiliency, but manufacturers often lack the right tools to identify 3D printable parts.

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

The Elem Navigator digital manufacturing software platform aggregates generations of machine shop expertise into a single, on-demand resource located on your desktop and mobile device 24-7. Combining the tribal knowledge of manufacturing experts with numerous additive and subtractive processes, our software helps you answer the questions: Can I print it? Should I print it?

  • Immediate printability analysis across technologies

  • Seamlessly convert 2D files to 3D files

  • Easy to use digital parts repository

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Can I Print It?

Identify printable parts and make informed, data-driven manufacturing decisions. Remove the guesswork with Elem Navigator.

Hardware agnostic – An exhaustive list of additive machines and compatible materials are automatically available to all users to select from.

Customization – Compare against all 3D technologies or tailor to in-house technologies and material capabilities. Customize Elem Navigator to your needs.

Instant part assessment – Our sophisticated software is equipped with an extensive library of design guidelines and equipment parameters to determine part printability.

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Should I Print It?

Compare the lead time and total cost of ownership for AM parts. Elem Navigator provides default cost parameters that are customizable for your operations and a financial analysis that includes:

  • Cost per part for a given quantity

  • Breakeven point analysis

  • Total cost of ownership breakdown

Convert 2D Files to 3D Files

A cost-effective method for converting 2D drawings into manufacture-ready 3D CAD models faster than ever before.

Some 2D technical drawings overlayed with 3D rendered representations

Key Features

Digital Parts Repository

Digital Parts Repository

Store and organize digital files for easy access. Label files, assign permissions, and easily collaborate with peers and customers.

Convert 2D Files to 3D Files

Convert 2D Files to 3D Files

No digital file? No problem! Whether your part data is outdated or non-existent, Navigator can seamlessly convert 2D to 3D faster than ever before.

Instant Manufacturability Analysis

Instant Manufacturability Analysis

Navigator compares numerous manufacturing solutions and determines the ideal production method for your part, across additive and conventional manufacturing options.

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Navigator provides an immediate total cost of ownership analysis, removing the manual labor typically required to develop a business case for 3d printing.

Lead Time Estimation

Lead Time Estimation

Navigator provides lead time estimations, enabling you to reduce downtime and keep your operating schedule on track.