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Xerox Careers Contacts

Resume submissions and questions about how to apply

Please visit our Careers Site to search for positions, create and submit your resume (profile) or check on your application status.

Former employees 

For inquiries related to W-2s, employment verification requests, rehire-ability status, retirement, life insurance questions, etc., please email the Employee Service Center mail box,

Scholarship and internship status requests

Please email the University Relations/College mail box

Work from home opportunities for veterans, spouses of veterans and other candidates

Search our job search page (advanced search) and filter by the "Virtual/work from home?" checkbox to find positions that are available remotely.

Vendors or suppliers

We appreciate all inquiries we receive. However, at this time we do not have a need for additional suppliers. Visit Supplier Relations for more information, or complete the Supplier Request form so we may contact you for a future sourcing event for your particular commodity or service.