Ensuring Health and Safety

The health and safety of our people, workplaces, and customers is of paramount importance. At Xerox, our most precious resource is our human resource, and our success is hinged upon creating a great workplace for our people. We sponsor health, safety and wellness programs to actively manage health care, and pursue a goal of zero on-the-job injuries. Plus, Xerox’s emergency preparedness and response program helps protect our employees and their surrounding communities.

Xerox product development has set the standard in the industry for safety. Technological features inside Xerox digital systems ensure our products operate safely and efficiently. To encourage customers to review product safety information and understand the environmental profile of Xerox devices, we provide them access to comprehensive safety data about our products and the materials contained within them.

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Safety of Xerox products

Zero injury program

  • A decade ago, Xerox strengthened its health and safety programs in order to reduce workplace injuries to the optimum level: zero.
  • Since then, the Total Recordable Incident (TRI) rate and the Day Away From Work (DAFW) case rates have been cut by more than half. Despite that success, our goal is a minimum 5% year-over-year improvement in injury rates, with an ultimate goal of zero.
  • Xerox defines strict exposure limits for worldwide manufacturing, research and service operations to protect employees from elevated exposures to chemicals, noise and radiation.

Emergency preparedness

  • Xerox’s emergency preparedness and response program helps protect the health and safety of Xerox employees, their surrounding communities and the environment.
  • All Xerox operations worldwide develop documented plans for responding to fires, chemical releases, natural disasters and other potential incidents.