• Xerox Strengthens Security

Strengthening Security

Protect customer and business information by keeping your data secure.


Faced with security threats from both inside and outside the organisation, the risk of a catastrophic cyber-attack or data breach has never been greater.


With line of sight to the inner workings of your network, you can halt data breaches where they happen, the moment they occur. Secure documents and provide access only to authorised users. And prevent human error from exposing sensitive information.

In Action

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1. Secure endpoints.

Transform your printers from endpoint risks to security assets.
Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services

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2. Restrict access.

Digitise physical archives, capture critical data, and provide access only to authorised users.
Xerox® Capture & Content Services

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3. Protect company assets.

Transform the way you manage money.
Xerox® Accounts Payable Services

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