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Award Winning Workflow Solutions

Delivering outstanding results to grow your business.

Xerox has a long history of developing award-winning innovations. But more important than any award is the impact our solutions have on our customers’ business. How much our solutions help streamline processes, improve productivity and empower employees. That’s why we’re especially proud of our latest recognition from Buyers Lab.

“Document Imaging Solutions Line of the Year” is an award recognising the OEM with the strongest solutions portfolio across the range of software categories covered by Buyers Lab - Keypoint Intelligence. Among MFPs, printers, scanners and solutions, these product lines stand above the rest in terms of features and value as well as ease of use and setup. And for five years running, this prestigious award has gone to Xerox thanks to our exceptional document imaging software portfolio.

Solving Customer Business Challenges

Customers are increasingly looking for ways to streamline business processes, not realising their MFP could be a fundamental part of those efficiency savings. Today’s OEMs and their reseller partners need to offer a complete and compelling solutions portfolio to support these needs.

Xerox is constantly innovating to improve the flow of work. Explore our wins throughout the years to see how our solutions can help your business.

Document Imaging Software Line of the Year

BLI 2021 Software Line of the Year Award seal image

“The document imaging landscape continues to evolve, with the emphasis continuing to shift onto software applications and, even more recently, to MFP apps that can let customers quickly and cost-effectively address ‘pain points’ and streamline business processes,” said Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions Analysis for Keypoint Intelligence. “Our analysis shows that Xerox is at the forefront of this movement thanks to its app-driven ‘Workplace Assistant’ strategy and strong portfolio of traditional document imaging applications.”

2021: Article and Certificate

See Past Awards:

Xerox® Workplace Suite

BLI - Buyer's Lab 2019 Pick

Outstanding Job Management and Mobile Print Solution – Winter 2019

“Despite two decades of claims to the contrary, print isn’t going away anytime soon. Xerox® Workplace Suite makes print easier, whether it’s printing from mobile devices, controlling print costs, or securing document content sent through the print stream.” — Andrew Unsworth, Editor of Software Evaluation, Keypoint Intelligence

2019: Article and Certificate

Xerox® Mobile Print Solution

BLI Buyers Lab 2015 Pick Seal

Outstanding Enterprise Mobile Print Solution – Winter 2014, 2015

“Xerox® Mobile Print shines by offering compatibility with output devices from any manufacturer, a marked advantage over single user OEM mobile print apps that work with only a subset of the maker’s own devices.” — Buyers Lab

Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud

BLI Buyers Lab 2015 Pick Seal

Outstanding Small Business Mobile Print Solution – Summer 2013, Winter 2015

“Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud is an excellent mobile print solution that features the easiest and most hassle-free installation of all enterprise mobile print solutions tested to date.” — Buyers Lab

Xerox® DocuShare®

People using mobile devices at a table

Outstanding Document Management Solution — Winter 2017

Document Imaging Solutions Line of the Year — Winter 2015

Outstanding Enterprise Content Management Solution — Summer 2012

Xerox® DocuShare® stands out as a uniquely powerful platform. The browser-based interface delivers convenient web conventions such as a Home Page and a History list with links to quickly jump to recently opened folders or files in the database. The platform also supports the creation of web documents such as blogs and Wikis, without requiring end users to learn a dedicated web content management system.” — Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions Analysis, Keypoint Intelligence

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology

BLI Buyers Lab 2016 Outstanding Achievement Seal

Outstanding Achievement in Innovation–Summer 2016

“MFPs are growing more intelligent, flexible and customisable with each successive generation. With its 2016 Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology, Xerox has proven that to be true yet again. The platform’s combination of onboard intelligence and online extensibility put it a step ahead.” — Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions Analysis, Keypoint Intelligence

Xerox® App Gallery

BLI 2020 Pick - Outstanding MFP App Ecosystem

Outstanding MFP App Ecosystem — 2020 Pick Award

Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab recognised Xerox for offering the most robust, relevant and varied app ecosystem. Central to our win were our strong collection of apps for streamlining business processes, improving end user productivity, reducing costs and boosting security. Plus, our broad community of partner developers and customer-customisable features mean there’s a way to address any customer challenge.

Xerox® App Studio

BLI Buyers Lab 2015 Outstanding Achievement Seal

Outstanding Achievement in Innovation – Winter 2015

“Creating an ecosystem of interconnected software and hardware for customers puts resellers in a better position for maintaining long-term customer relationships. But ultimately it is the customers who benefit, as these apps can help increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace by providing one-touch access to common workflows at the top level of the user interface.” — Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions Analysis, Keypoint Intelligence

PaceSetter Awards

Award seal - BLI 2021-2022 PaceSetter in Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid Workplace Category

2021-2022 BLI PaceSetter Award

Download the full Keypoint Intelligence Market Insights: Hybrid Workplace

Award seal - Buyers Lab BLI 2021-2022 PaceSetter in MFP Ecosystem

MFP App Ecosystem Award 2021-2022 BLI PaceSetter Award

Award seal - BLI PaceSetter MFP Platform & App Ecosystem 2019-2020

MFP Platforms and App Ecosystems Category

2019-2020 BLI PaceSetter Award

Award seal - BLI PaceSetter Mobile Print 2017-2018

Mobile Print Category

2017-2018 BLI PaceSetter Award

Award seal - BLI PaceSetter Document Imaging Category 2017-2018

Document Imaging Category

2017-2018 BLI PaceSetter Award

Award seal - BLI PaceSetter MFP Platforms and App Ecosystems Category 2017-2018

MFP Platforms and App Ecosystems Category

2017-2018 BLI PaceSetter Award

More "Pick" and 5-Star Products

In 2014, the Xerox portfolio included 15 BLI “Pick” award winners as well as 10 solutions that have received BLI’s top 5-star rating — an unmatched accomplishment among MFP OEMs, according to Buyers Lab.

“Helping put Xerox out front in BLI’s analysis are the strong collection of the company’s own solutions, including the Xerox® DocuShare® family of document management products, Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud and Mobile Print Solution in mobile printing, and Xerox® Scan to PC Desktop® Professional 12 among desktop productivity solutions,” noted BLI. “Xerox also benefitted from its excellent range of third-party partner solutions, including Nuance’s Equitrac print management offerings, NSi AutoStore and Nuance eCopy ShareScan capture/routing products, Print Audit’s accounting and fleet management tools, and a host of others.”

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Xerox® Workplace Solutions

The complete software platform for authentication, security, cost control and mobility.

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ConnectKey® Technology

Focus on your work — not technology — with Xerox® ConnectKey® that makes your printer a smart workplace assistant.

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Enterprise Content Management

Read how Xerox enterprise content management solutions help you find a better way to manage paper and digital content, from creation to transformation.