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Sustainability is a key factor in reducing costs and unlocking new growth opportunities.

Learn how Xerox® inkjet can help your business create a healthier bottom line and experience robust business benefits.

Xerox inkjet takes the business and environmental benefits of digital inkjet technology and expands on them, allowing you to achieve new levels of value driving differentiation, gain a stronger competitive advantage and realize new efficiencies that lead to major cost savings.

Did you know, Xerox® inkjet presses…

Power lead

Use up to ½ as much power in run mode than other presses on some substrates.

Have up to a 20% less maintenance ink purges than other inkjet presses.

Use ⅓ of the floor space of some other inkjet presses.

Pursuing environmental print considerations can help you experience robust business benefits and gain a competitive advantage.

Creating a sustainable bottom line with Xerox® inkjet enables you to:

Realise new efficiencies that lead to major cost savings

Xerox inkjet presses are helping customers experience significant cost and environmental savings with fewer consumables, lower noise levels and half the power in run mode than several other presses. Our ink requires less drying time due to its low water content, which can reduce running costs by as much as 30–50% compared to other inkjet presses. Faster drying times also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Did you know that less drying time can reduce running costs by as much as 30-50%?

Xerox® Inkjet Presses use as much as 50% less ink.

Xerox inkjet presses use as much as 50% less ink for printing on plain paper compared to the competition. In addition, their ability to print on recycled stocks, standard offset coated and uncoated papers limits the use of additional consumables and additives, making it a more economical and environmentally friendly production process.

Reduce waste and increase recyclability

Xerox inkjet solutions maximise effectiveness and efficiency with minimal start-up paper wastage, edge-to-edge printing and increased color stability, consistency and quality. The Xerox full width array and clear pixel methods deliver superior uptime while eliminating paper waste. And Xerox inkjet presses have up to 20% less maintenance ink purges than other presses to save time and further reduce waste. In fact, uniquely designed for reuse and recyclability — nearly 90% of the product weight of the Xerox® Trivor®, Rialto® and Baltoro can be reused or recycled.

Nearly 90% of the product weight of the Xerox® Trivor®, Rialto® and Baltoro can be reused or recycled.

Create a healthier work environment for your employees

All Xerox inkjet solutions are non-toxic, with machine emission levels far below regulatory requirements. Offset printing requires potent chemicals that can pollute the air, including isopropyl alcohol and various solvents. Digital printing drastically reduces chemical use and emissions.

Reach corporate social responsibility goals

Consumers are more eco-conscious than ever before and are increasingly motivated to support companies that have sustainable business practices in place. In addition to reducing costs, a sustainable bottom line can help you win more new business and add new levels of value-driving differentiation. Balancing ecology with economy goes beyond saving resources and money. Creating a better environment is ethically important for a number of reasons. With Xerox, you don’t have to choose between sustainability and profitability.

Balancing ecology with economy goes beyond saving resources and money.

Sources: Product documentation from Xerox Brenva HD, Baltoro HF, Rialto 900, and competitive product; Xerox Brenva HD independent benchmarking study.

Xerox Baltoro HF Inkjet Press

Xerox® Baltoro HF Inkjet Press

Transformative performance and economics delivered through inspired innovation

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