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Xerox and Cisco: A Partnership for Security Policy Management and Enforcement

Keeping data and systems secure across printers and the network

Today’s hyper-connected organizations are built on the always-on network. To support modern, efficient workflows, critical data is continually moving among servers, hosts and peripherals. Ubiquitous connectivity and mobile, decentralized workforces blur the traditional network perimeter and raise new challenges for protecting sensitive information wherever it lives.

You’ve got your servers, desktops and laptops protected from security threats, but what about your printers and MFPs? Those are vulnerable endpoints too, and they’re connected to the very same network that transports valuable data, the lifeblood of your organization.

Xerox leads the way with device-level protections like strong authentication and encryption for data at rest and in motion. We’ve also partnered with Cisco Systems to strengthen device protection and take security beyond the device, protecting critical information across the entire corporate network.

Together we’ve built more than 200 detailed Xerox device profiles into Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE), the networking leader’s widely used, enterprise-proven security policy management and enforcement platform. These profiles let ISE automatically detect Xerox ConnectKey-enabled VersaLink and AltaLink devices and control access based on granular security policy set by the organization.

With Cisco ISE and select Xerox devices, administrators can:

  • Determine the presence, identity and security status of networked Xerox devices

  • Incorporate Xerox devices into granular network access controls

  • Build and enforce role-based device-access policies and user groups

  • Restrict or prohibit use of unauthorized networked devices

  • Monitor, log and receive alerts on device activity for data-loss prevention

By augmenting our embedded security technologies with the market-leading McAfee® Data Exchange Layer (DXL) and Cisco® Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) platforms, Xerox® MFPs* can provide insight into access and threats, implement enterprise security policies and address threats in real time.

For more information about incorporating Xerox devices into your organization’s Cisco-based security policy management, download our white paper, Xerox and Cisco Identity Services Engine, or check out these Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 1.5 MB) on the topic.

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