Migrate to inkjet and meet the increasing demand for full-colour transactional statements.

Learn how Xerox® inkjet can help {{xmp.r.CompanyName}} your company do more for less.

{{xmp.r.FirstName}}, Bring down costs and increase up-time with Xerox® inkjet – a scalable, agile technology that rises above commoditisation to help you grow revenue and deliver new levels of value. Inkjet gives you the ability the meet the demand for high-quality and full-colour transactional print for less.

Read how the Xerox® Rialto® 900 Inkjet Press helped Arista Document Solutions meet their goals.

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Xerox® Rialto® 900 MP Inkjet Press

Reach new levels of performance and deliver beyond expectations with the Xerox® Rialto® 900 MP Inkjet Press, the first and only inkjet press to bring you exceptional speed, image quality and scalability.

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