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Digital Printing Solutions for Production Print

Deliver the Brilliant Colour and Quality your Customers Expect

Over 50 trillion pages are printed worldwide per year, yet only 3% of these are printed digitally. The unique capabilities of Xerox digital printing solutions will help you capture this growing digital printing market, and meet the changing needs of your customers. Our innovative technology in automation, cutting-edge inkjet production and digital sheet-fed presses help you easily create stunning output in an automated and efficient way, all while reducing your costs. With a scalable production print technology offering suitable for a broad range of print providers—including in-plant, commercial printers, and agencies— the opportunities for digital printing, and the benefits it enables, are endless.

Digital Printing Technologies

A color swatch sheet being examined

High-quality colour digital press and production printers enable print on demand, short runs and more.

People in business suits looking at a book with a monochrome photo of a young girl

Fast and reliable black-and-white printers are ideal for transaction printing and publishing.

An assortment of print samples

Innovative production inkjet technology delivers value, volume and velocity with unmatched Inkonomics.

Colorful abstract image representing workflow

Xerox production print workflow software can expand your reach, streamline processes and reduce costs.

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Xerox Beyond CMYK Production Portfolio

Vision shouldn’t be limited by color. We can help you turn challenges into opportunities that go beyond CMYK.

Exactly the right digital printing solutions for your business

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Featured Products

  • Stylized purple image of a woman blowing glitter

    Be Brilliant

    Discover award-winning digital imaging technologies that deliver the extraordinary with the Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press.

  • Close up of glasses

    Personalize Customer Communications

    With Xerox® XMPie® technology, you can connect with your customers seamlessly and efficiently, all from a single scalable platform.

  • Fluorescent print sample

    Xerox® PrimeLink® C9065/C9070 Colour Printer

    The world’s #1 entry production colour printer just got even better.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Digital Printing Technology

  • Woman with coffee, in front of a chalk board, looking at a table covered with print samples

    “This press has it all… improving quality to a new level.”

  • Print samples with metallic ink from the Xerox Iridesse Production Press

    “Stunning image quality puts us ahead of the game.”

  • Table full of colorful print samples, printed on a Xerox iGen Press

    “In the first year, we saved $10,000-$15,000 a month.”

  • Inkjet droplets in water

    “Cost savings, reduced printing times and zero stock.”

  • Photo of a highway underpass at night with streaking car headlights and taillights

    Make Workflow Work for You. Real-World Feedback on Xerox® Workflow Solutions.

  • Black and white print samples featuring a motorcycle

    Speed, quality and unsurpassed reliability.

Man working on laptop - sitting thinking at desk

Sharing Best Practices

Our virtual learning series and video tutorials help you keep up with the latest industry trends.

We can help you build your production print business with Xerox ProfitAccelerator®

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Digital Hotspot

Business Development Resources, News, Events and More

Production Printing Insights

  • Monitor showing color editing software

    Design for success webinar.

    Got CMYK+ capabilities? Great. Find out how to get even more out of them with time- and money-saving file setup.

  • eprint team

    ePrint Expands with the Xerox® Versant® 280 Press and Adaptive CMYK+ Technology.

    Learn how ePrint expanded their business with new offerings, and boosted profits by keeping more work in-house, especially offset and metallic stamping processes.

  • Fluorescent print samples by Xerox

    Adaptive CMYK+ Virtual Event

    Turn potential into profit. Meet the demand for print that “pops” with revenue-driving digital embellishments.

  • Print samples showing cosmetics boxes

    Keeping embellishment work in-house with Xerox® Iridesse®

    Beyond CMYK technology allowed Zuzu Print to keep 100% of their embellishment work in house—resulting in an astonishing 40% gain in profit.

  • Print sample by Print Panther from their Iridesse Production Press - a colorful pamphlet

    Create “Print That Matters” with digital embellishments

    Embellishments are no longer just for luxury brands. Learn how Print Panther use digital embellishments to create "Print that people keep".

  • Two women looking at computer monitors together

    Frisco Independent School District Reconfigures for Growth with Xerox Inkjet.

    Frisco Independent School District print shop adds affordable colour with room to grow with inkjet digital presses.