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Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

Simply Streamline

Eliminate repetitive, time consuming, costly manual processes that bog down print operations with the industry’s most flexible and easy-to-use prepress software.

Manual processes take more time—and reduce potential profit—bogging down your print operation.

Xerox® FreeFlow® Core eliminates time-consuming manual tasks, helping to get jobs done in a fraction of the usual time with automated, rules-based intelligence and super-efficient touchless workflows.

“FreeFlow Core has converted a multi-hour, error prone file processing step into a two-step, drag and drop process that provides all the automation and success verification we, and our customers need.”

— David Gardner, Digital Print Manager, Alphagraphics of Sandy, UT
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Getting Started with Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

Join our webinar to help streamline your pre-press workflow and say goodbye to touchpoints and bottlenecks.

Eliminate and accelerate tasks from file prep to final production

With FreeFlow Core’s intelligent, rules-based automation, you can streamline job production from start to finish by eliminating manual tasks by automating critical prepress, makeready, and job routing steps—giving back time and profit.

  • Inspect and correct jobs on the fly, without going back to the source material

  • Maximise RIP and press performance with smart PDF optimisation, including image resolution, embedded fonts, transparency adjustment, colour management and more

  • Automate imposition and job routing

  • Easily add speciality embellishments—metallics, white, clear fluorescents, and Pantones—right from the press, with no designer

Diagram showing use of Xerox FreeFlow Core to apply print embellishment

Accelerate production with preset workflows

FreeFlow Core comes with a set of ready-to-use Xerox® FreeFlow® Core Engine Accelerators: a set of pre-built workflows and tools designed to leverage printer-specific capabilities and features. These powerful tools are provided free of charge—and can significantly impact production time.

A modular solution

FreeFlow Core is available in multiple configurations tailored to your shop size and needs. Modular architecture and a browser-based user experience make it easy for any shop from small to enterprise-level to start boosting profit potential today. Additional modules can always be added later as needed:

  • FreeFlow® Advanced Prepress module provides powerful tools for PDF optimisation, colour management, document manipulation and annotation.

  • FreeFlow® Advanced Automation module automates your entire production process by transforming manual steps in your workflow into programmed actions.

  • FreeFlow® Output Management module adds the ability to implement even smarter decision making regarding when and where your jobs will be printed.

  • FreeFlow® Variable Data module enables FreeFlow® Core to accept Xerox® Variable Information Production PrintWare (VIPP®) jobs and PDF/VT jobs, delivering benchmark productivity in personalised communication workflows.

“FreeFlow automates imposition for all portal orders, allows CSRs to add bleed, preflight files and impose press sheets—skipping prepress altogether. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

— John Taylor, President, Minuteman Press of Nashville, TN

Automatic savings: Let’s do the math

FreeFlow® Core® automation can add up to some serious savings. Each of the examples below are based on data published in InfoTrends 2019 WE and NA Production Software Investment Outlook and assume an average of 400 jobs per month:

$80K Monthly savings just by REMOVING WASTE

$11,320 Monthly savings just by AUTOMATING IMPOSITION

$10,425 Monthly savings just by leveraging ELECTRONIC PROOFING

It’s easy to see how FreeFlow® Core can free up valuable hours so they can be spent on higher-value, revenue-driving outreach and sales.

Contact your Xerox Rep for more information on how these numbers were derived, and see how they’ll add up for you!

“FreeFlow Core has been a great asset—and it’s not only for production. It also frees up the graphics department to do more creative jobs instead of being tied to imposing and setting up for laser cutting.”

— Dan Berchtold, Graphic Designer, PIP of Peioria, IL

Case Studies

  • Man working on a laptop with a chalkboard and machine parts in the background

    Getting More Jobs out the Door for Less

    Same day turn-arounds are no longer crazy at Sir Speedy Printing and Signs thanks to automation from Xerox® FreeFlow® Core.

  • Digital Press operator using Xerox FreeFlow Core

    alphagraphics automates its pre-press workflow with Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

    Pre-press steps that once took hours, now take just seconds. Workflow automation is enabling alphagraphics to maximise its efficiency and profitability.

  • Freeflow Core screen

    Graphicolor Embraces Xerox End-to-End Ecosystem

    See the role FreeFlow Core plays as GraphiColor embraces the future of print and proves that print is alive and well.

  • Marco Poli of Premcom

    PremCom Increases Print Capacity 70% with Workflow Automation

    With the help of Xerox FreeFlow Core, PremCom has increased print capacity 70% and taken what use to be a 3-4 day manual process and shortened it into two hours.

  • Andrew Gunn, Xerox, and Ben Everest, print pad

    Workflow at its Best Webinar featuring Print Pad

    Ben Everest explains how Xerox® FreeFlow® Core eliminated their manual collation process and enabled hospital and physician prescription pads to be personalised and tracked through order and fulfillment.

  • Andrew Gunn Xerox and Brass Beck, Mutual of Omaha

    Up Close and Virtual: Keeping Production Healthy in Difficult Times

    Brass Beck shares how Mutual of Omaha — one of the largest in-plants in the Midwest — uses FreeFlow Core to produce high-end customer-facing applications in a completely automated workflow that is fully integrated into their web storefront to create fully optimised print-ready PDFs.

  • Photo of a highway underpass at night with streaking car headlights and taillights

    Meet the Xerox® Workflow Heroes

    Make Workflow Work for You. Real-World Feedback on Xerox® Workflow Solutions.

FreeFlow Core in action

  • Prints emerging from Xerox digital press

    Get more jobs on your press faster

    A faster press doesn’t always lead to completing more work per day. You need to look at the entire print production process and address the bottlenecks.

  • Man in blue shirt talking in front of Xerox digital presses

    Work in harmony

    Learn how FreeFlow Core helps customers automate the tasks associated with getting files ready to print.

  • Xerox® Adaptive CMYK+ Kit: Utilizing FreeFlow® Core preview image

    Xerox® Adaptive CMYK+ Kit: Utilising FreeFlow® Core

    See how to transform your prints to a speciality colour on the Xerox® Versant® device.

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