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Automate Your Workflow

Digitise data. Secure it in the cloud. Integrate it to automate your workflow.

The average worker spends 2.5 hours per day searching for the information they need to do their job.

Argentina’s Oldest Private Bank Aims to Eliminate Paper Onboarding Forms

BBVA Argentina decreases onboarding time by 30 minutes and makes themselves more competitive in the process.

What it Takes to Get Resources to Far-Flung Populations in Bangladesh

This is the story of a single smart, scannable census that spoke to 161 million people and simplified one of the most paperwork-heavy processes of all time.

England's 158-Year-Old Land Registry Uses Xerox Technology to Digitise Data

HM Land Registry teams up with Xerox to transform its paper-based catalogue and document submission process.

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Capture & Content

Manage data and information capture more effectively.

Enterprise Content Management

Spark digital transformation at your organisation.

Salle du courrier numérique Xerox

Automate and accelerate traditionally manual mailroom processes.

Xerox Capture and Content services help Argentina’s oldest private bank YouTube Video

Xerox Capture and Content services help Argentina’s oldest private bank

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Engage your customers with personalised experiences.

Power Up a Flexible Workplace

Modernise IT infrastructure. Equip and support your remote teams.

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