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Xerox® Versant® 80 Press

The Versant 80 is no longer sold as new.

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Supplies & Accessories

Finishing Options

Part # Description
Partner Finisher Interface Module (PFIM) for PR Finisher
Vertical Transport Kit (Business Ready)
3500 sheet Business Ready Finisher
High Capacity Stacker Dolly
OCT Exit Fan Kit
Swedish 4 Hole Punch (Business Ready)
GBC PRO Die Comb Bind
GBC PRO Die Wire 3.1 Sq
GBC PRO Die Wire 2.1 Sq
GBC PRO Die Wire 3:1 Rnd.
GBC PRO Die Wire 2:1 Rnd.
GBC PRO Die Coil Rnd.
GBC PRO Die Velobind 12 H A4
GBC PRO Die 3 Hole 8mm
GBC PRO Die 3/5/7 Hole 8mm
GBC PRO Die 4 Hole 8mm
GBC PRO Die 4 Hole 6.5mm
GBC PRO Die 4 Hole Scan
GBC Punch DIE, Colour Coll Binding, 47 Hole, Round, 4 holes per inch, C4-47H
GBC Punch DIE, Twin Loop Binding, 23 Hole, Round, 2 holes per inch, W2-23H RND
GBC Punch DIE, Twin Loop Binding, 34 Hole, Round, 3 holes per inch,W3-34H RND
GBC Punch DIE,Twin Loop Binding, 23 Hole, Square, 2 holes per inch, W2-23H-SQ
GBC Punch DIE, Twin Loop Binding, 34 Hole, Square, 3 holes per inch,W3-34H-SQ
GBC Punch DIE, Velo Binding, 12 Hole, Round, 1 hole per inch,VB-12H
GBC Punch DIE, ProClick A4, 34 Hole, Rectangular, 3 holes per inch, PC-34H
GBC Punch DIE, European Loose Leaf Binding, 2 Ring Binder, 2H 8MM
GBC Punch DIE,European Loose Leaf Binding, 4 Ring Binder, 4H 8MM
GBC Punch DIE, Plastic Comb Binding, 21 Hole, PB-21H

Digital Front Ends

Part # Description
EFI DFE Standalone (mn)
DFE Stand
Freeflow Print Server Xe
EFI Controller
EFi Ethernet Hub
EFI EX Graphic Arts Premium Package
EFI Compose
Fiery Impose (for additional licenses)

Other Options

Part # Description
Xerox Versant 80 Press Performance Package
XMPie Udirect Studio Les Indirect
Mobility Plate
UI Installation Kit For Pf2.0 HCF Or Ohc
Network Accounting Kit
USB Enablement Kit
Xe Initialisation Kit
Pf 2.0 + UI Installation Kit
Foreign Device Interface Kit

Localisation kits

Part # Description
UK/IE Power Cords
DK Power Cords
CH Power Cords
Xe Multi-National Nationalization Kit

Toner Cartridges

Part # Description Price Price inc VAT Buy now
Xerox Versant 80 Press Sold BLACK Toner Cartridge
Cyan Toner Sold NA/XE
Magenta Toner Sold NA/XE
Yellow Toner Sold NA/XE

Software Solutions

Part # Description
660mm printing enablement kit for EFI with V80