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XMPie® Web-to-Print Solutions

Complete web-to-print solution with built-in prepress automation


XMPie's PersonalEffect® StoreFlow is a best-in-class Web-to-Print software solution for creating and managing online stores and marketing portals. With built-in prepress automation, StoreFlow enables the efficiencies of a truly automated, touchless workflow.

  • PersonalEffect® StoreFlow is a turn-key solution for creating online storefronts for ordering print including: data-driven variable documents, static products, and user-uploaded documents.

  • PersonalEffect® StoreFlow Pro boosts the power of PersonalEffect StoreFlow by harnessing the Adobe® InDesign® Composition Engine in addition to XMPie's own composition engine.

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Key Features

  • Complete web-to-print storefront solution that manages the entire workflow from order acquisition to production to fulfillment

  • Lights-out prepress automation with built-in Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

  • Simple setup and maintenance — only a few steps to set up your unique, branded store

  • Static, personalised and variable data documents — print buyers can upload documents or select from a catalogue

  • JDF / JMF compliant job ticketing for greater automation, speed, cost efficiency, and ease-of-use

  • Mobile-friendly — intuitive online shopping experience from a desktop or mobile device

  • Integrated shopping cart with credit card processing or billing options

  • UPS and FedEx integration — instant pricing and shipping slips

  • Flexible reporting with detailed analysis of storefront sales and profitability

  • Supports an Adobe workflow — create product templates using a familiar environment

  • Extendable with an optional software development kit (SDK) and APIs

  • Upgradeable to support cross-media

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Your Challenges

For your business to thrive in this fast-paced environment, you need a flexible, easy-to-use solution that will adapt to your needs, increase workflow efficiency, and help you stay ahead of your competition. XMPie PersonalEffect® StoreFlow has all the tools and functionality necessary to help you create profitable web-to-print storefronts and eCommerce portals that can help you reduce the costs to acquire, process and fulfill your online orders.

Key Challenges

  • Shorter runs, shrinking margins and greater competition — print service providers are being challenged to find ways to implement more efficient workflows

  • Meeting customer expectations to be able to submit and check orders online 24/7

  • Time consuming quoting, with only a small percentage of quotes turning in to orders

  • Need for accurate order entry from multiple sources

  • Repeat print jobs require the same effort as new orders

  • Disparate workflows waste time and increase costs

  • Missed opportunities up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers

  • Desire to transform into a marketing service provider promoting value-added services and products

  • Building brand awareness to reach new markets

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How Xerox Can Help

XMPie StoreFlow and StoreFlow Pro provide the technology to put your print business online and extend your market reach, gaining new customers and growing your revenue.

  • Streamline order acquisition and bring in new work.

  • Sell products and services online 24/7.

  • Increase the overall efficiency of your workflow.

  • Implement a scalable, modular solution as an investment in the growth of your company.

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Why Choose Xerox?

  • XMPie, a CareAR Company, provides the quality, service, and technology that you expect from a trusted brand.

  • XMPie has Professional Services and Support teams ready to help with custom functionality, additional training, and general assistance.

  • StoreFlow and StoreFlow Pro include the Xerox FreeFlow Core pre-press automation module, enabling store administrators to pre-define multi-step workflows that automate pre-press functions required for an efficient production process.

Case Studies

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    By using technology to offer customer personalisation at scale, while using efficient and sustainable production practices, Zoxxbox has established itself as an innovator that has been able to expand into new areas while maintaining a lean staff.

  • Delivering More Value with Web-to-Print and Value Added Colour Applications — Featuring Copileidy

    With StoreFlow and new value added colour applications, Copileidy has delighted its clients, has increased its print volumes and improved its profitability.

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    Find out about the benefits of Optimus’ latest MIS integration with XMPie StoreFlow – the best-in-class all-in-one Web-to-Print software solution.

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