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Tolga Kurtoglu photo
Tolga Kurtoglu photo
Tolga Kurtoglu

CEO of PARC, a Xerox company

Dr. Tolga Kurtoglu is CEO of PARC, a Xerox company, which is in "the business of breakthroughs.”

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"PARC has built its business on creating breakthrough impact for Xerox through human-centered innovation and the deployment of cutting-edge technologies across a wide range of industries, including digital manufacturing, healthcare, energy, printing, aerospace, defense, and transportation. PARC employs the top scientists in the world who think about the commercial viability of their work. This intersection of advanced technology, human-centered thinking, and the creation of new business models is the essence of how PARC helps create high impact business value for Xerox and other clients.”
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Xerox has a proud history of pioneering research, and continues to be in the forefront of innovation.

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