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Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

Automation and integration for your entire print workflow.


FreeFlow® Core automates the process steps required to prepare a job for print. Core's flexibility and scalability means there is an automation solution for any size print shop.

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Key Features

  • Modular architecture – FreeFlow Core includes the base software and four optional modules: Advanced Prepress, Advanced Automation, Output Management, and Variable Data Printing.
  • Browser-based – This solution runs in standard browsers. This greatly simplifies software installation and management.
  • Manifest job processing – Submit a list or manifest of jobs to be printed and FreeFlow® Core will process and print each job automatically.
  • Job clustering / batching – Intelligent job management enables value beyond the printer by organizing similar jobs for optimal post-press processing.
  • JDF/JMF – Full JDF/JMF compliance means a seamless integration with other systems that implement this industry standard for communication.


alphagraphics automates its pre-press workflow with Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

Your Challenges

In a mature marketplace operation, efficiency is a must for long term success. Companies are looking for ways to do more with less.

Key Challenges

  • Keeping cost down – The print marketplace is as competitive as ever, and price pressure continues to rise.
  • Delivering quality – Customers' expectations continue to rise with respect to the quality of their print products.
  • Quicker turnaround times – Customers expect most things to be done in a few days, not a few weeks.
  • Smaller run lengths – As jobs get smaller, inefficiencies in your print process become exposed.
  • More small jobs – With smaller run lengths, you need to push more jobs through your shop.
  • Multiple systems – Your workflow has evolved over time. It can be difficult to introduce a new system.
  • Operator skillset – As solutions become more complex, do you have the resources to properly run a new solution?

How Xerox Can Help

FreeFlow® Core's automation toolset will remove costly manual prepress steps, reducing your costs and reducing the time it takes to get jobs through your shop. Free up your resources from repetitive tasks and move them to higher value jobs.

  • Automating your print processes reduces cost, reduces errors, and all the while delivers consistently higher quality output.
  • Integrating your hardware and software systems seamlessly with your printers will drive your productivity to the next level.
  • Simplify your workflow with a solution that uses an intuitive drag and drop interface to perform even complex operations.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • The FreeFlow Digital Workflow collection leverages over 20 years of production workflow solution experience.
  • FreeFlow Core is designed for your prepress operators to use productively. Easy-start workflows with a simple drag-and-drop interface guide users through the process of creating and managing workflows.
  • FreeFlow Core provides the platform from which larger end-to-end solution can be built. For example, Core is a part of XMPie StoreFlow.
  • With Manifest Automation and JDF/XSLT both enabled, you can seamlessly connect your existing workflow systems.

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