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Innovative Technology That Moves Financial Services Forward

Xerox drives efficiencies in banking and insurance to enhance the customer experience.

Meet the rapidly evolving changes and challenges in the banking and insurance markets head-on by delivering automation, simplification and real-time processing. Strategic digital transformation makes it possible to experience the best of both worlds — secure, seamless workflows and services that deliver better experiences across your customer's lifecycle.

Transformation can be disruptive, and it can be difficult to know when or how to get started. That’s where we come in. From speeding up onboarding and claims processing to maintaining compliance and adding more value to customer communications, we can help you get ahead, stay ahead and disrupt your market, not your organization.

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How Will Banking Change Over the Next 5 Years?

Virtual Panel Discussion

Dan Schwab, Xerox Global Offer Lead for Financial Services, joins experts from BNY Mellon, RBS and Lloyds Bank to discuss digital transformation and the future of the banking industry.

Navigating a New Era of Digital Transformation in Banking and Insurance

A panel of banking and insurance experts explore the next phase of digital transformation in a post-pandemic future and discover the critical steps needed to align industry expectations with the human touch.

Watch the discussion on key issues, including:

  • From heightened expectations to consumer anxiety: what current trends are likely to stay?

  • The gap between financial service firms’ perception of customer preferences, and what customers actually want.

  • Thriving as opposed to surviving: how are banking and insurance firms shifting their focus from urgency to optimization?

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How Xerox Supports Banking and Insurance Organizations

Increase Efficiency with RPA

Increase Efficiency with RPA

Xerox Robotic Process Automation enables financial institutions to offload repetitive tasks so skilled professionals can put their knowledge to work on urgent challenges and strategy.

  • Enhancing Payment Approval Processes in Financial Organizations: Xerox RPA enhances the efficiency of financial institutions by automating essential steps such as updating accounts and processing payment requests. This automation minimizes the occurrence of manual mistakes and accelerates the approval or denial of payments, ensuring a seamless experience for customers and achieving operational excellence within the organization.

  • Ensuring Compliance and Security: Xerox RPA plays a crucial role in ensuring adherence to financial regulations and securing sensitive data. By automating compliance-related tasks and data protection measures, financial institutions can better safeguard against compliance risks and data breaches.

  • Data Analysis for Strategic Decisions: Leveraging Xerox RPA for data analysis means complex financial data can be processed rapidly and accurately. This assists financial analysts in identifying market trends and making data-driven investment decisions, enhancing the institution's competitive edge.

  • Integrating Financial Systems: The integration capabilities of Xerox RPA facilitate seamless communication between disparate financial systems, reducing the complexity and enhancing the reliability of financial operations.

  • Boosting Client Satisfaction: By automating customer service tasks, such as account inquiries and transaction confirmations, Xerox RPA improves response times and accuracy in customer interactions, leading to increased client trust and loyalty.

Streamline Digital Insurance Processes

Streamline Digital Insurance Processes

Refine your company’s digital channels and accelerate response times with the power of workflow automation. By streamlining the business processes behind every customer interaction, you can improve the overall customer experience and reduce costs along the way.

Make Everyday Tasks Simpler

Make Everyday Tasks Simpler

From instant translations to easy auto-redaction and everything in between, our workplace printer apps put the power to do more at your fingertips.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps

Say Goodbye to Information Silos

Say Goodbye to Information Silos

Hybrid office environments heighten the need for better collaboration across teams in banking and insurance while staying in compliance. Let’s start getting more out of your data and eliminate information silos.

Xerox® Capture & Content Services

Improve Access To and Processing of Mail

Improve Access To and Processing of Mail

The hybrid office is here to stay, yet many financial and insurance processes rely on hard copy documents managed by physical mailrooms. Reimagine mail and get more done than ever.

Xerox® Digital Mailroom Service

Create Impactful Customer Communications

Create Impactful Customer Communications

Customers have high expectations — speedy, personalized communications on the channels of their choice, like financial statements or insurance documents that make information digestible and actionable. Ready to exceed expectations?

Xerox® Campaigns on Demand Services

Xerox® Digital Hub and Cloud Print Services

See it in Action

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Aligning Industry Expectations with the Human Touch

Digitization and customer experience are defining the future of banking and insurance. Download the Xerox commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting and access strategic insights and clear recommendations to help you drive digitization, efficiency and a better more holistic customer experience.

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Argentina’s Oldest Private Bank Eliminated Paper Onboarding Forms

After finding a disconnect between how it interacted with its clients, and how its clients interacted with the bank, BBVA reimagined and digitized onboarding processes with Xerox® Capture and Content Services.

Financial Services Customer Success Stories

  • Woman printing from a tablet to a Xerox printer

    Generali Hellas Insurance Printed 20% Faster for 10% Less

    With the need to produce a high volume of insurance contracts and a desire to reduce waste and increase speed, Generali Hellas implemented workflow management software and new in-house print capabilities from Xerox.

  • workplace apps screen

    A Bank Built an App to Cut Processing Time 75%

    For this bank, invoice handling was manual and time-consuming. With its new custom app easily installed on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled printers, the bank reduced invoice handling time from 40 hours a month to just 10.

  • Woman editing graphs on a laptop

    UK Insurance Company Digitized Without Disruption

    With thousands of incoming documents every day, this company moved from a purely manual mail handling process to a highly automated one with Xerox® Digital Mailroom Service.