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5 ways AI works for you today

Don’t get lost in the hype. Sensational claims about robots stealing jobs from humans, or fundamental societal shifts because artificial intelligence runs amok are, well, sensational. By all factual accounts, 2018 — according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers — is the year artificial intelligence (AI) comes “down to earth [and goes] to work.”

In fact, it’s already happened, here’s 5 examples of artificial intelligence for the print industry and how AI from Xerox is working for print providers right now.

  • Smart algorithms in Xerox FreeFlow software that decides different document layouts that minimize printed waste.

  • In direct mail and catalogs, data from your customers allows you to create mailings that are more relevant to each individual customer. Automation makes the process efficient and accurate.

  • In job submission, Xerox FreeFlow smart software routes new jobs to available presses because it can monitor which presses are busy — and which ones are not.

  • Self-monitoring presses, like the iGen 5, constantly check themselves with numerous sensors. The data allows algorithms to make real-time, in-process adjustments such as paper alignment and image quality. The result is the best possible printing outcome without human intervention.

  • Data about the press can be sent back to Xerox. Our people analyze your press’s data with tools and algorithms, and compare it to expected performance. A technician can then identify and recommend software updates or adjustments.​ Predictive analytics that determine the need for service before the machine fails are closer than you might think.

Artificial intelligence has come down to earth, and it is working in your Xerox digital production press right now.

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