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business Graph Expo 2011 Edition
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is a global health
enterprise with more than 50,000 employees, 20 hospitals,
doctors’ offices and numerous specialty clinics and
other facilities headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Their 13-person centralized print center supports them all
and now
capabilities are available to the entire organization—
improving the user experience, reducing inventories and job
turnaround and saving the health system tens of thousands
of dollars.
In 2009, UPMC engaged Xerox to complete a thorough
Business Impact Analysis. “We started by asking some of our
key customers what their expectations were for the print center
and what they saw as our shortcomings,” says Dave Smith,
Client Services Manager. “A lot of the responses were that our
paper-based requisition system didn’t allow for online ordering,
job status tracking or visibility into the details of orders.”
The UPMC print center prints numerous forms with preset
attributes such as paper type, orientation and finishing. With
manual job submission, users had no assurance they would
receive orders the way they expected. RSA demonstrated how
WebCRD’s SurePreview™ feature shows all finishing options
and provides an on-screen document preview.
WebCRD provides desired “retail” experience
by Elisha Kasinskas
Reduce touches
Accelerate turnaround
Increase volume with existing staff
Improve accountability and tracking
WebCRD™ Web-to-Print submission and automated
production management software
LDAP user authentication
WebCRD Dynamics™ Variable Data Module
Tens of thousands of dollars saved and
four touches eliminated
Cycle time reduced 33%
Hours of manual validation eliminated by account
code validation at entry
Forms inventory reduced 30%
UPMC Web-to-Print Solution Summary
Web-to-Print delivers savings,
accuracy and ease to University
of Pittsburgh Medical Center