Graph Expo 2011 Edition
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Today, Calagaz operates two divisions—
photo and printing—employing
people. The focus on restaurants
began with a job scanning photos for
a national restaurant chain to use in a
page cooking manual for its many
locations, delivering instructions on best
practices. Calagaz offered to print the
manuals on its
promising faster cycle time, lower printing
costs—including the elimination of
stripping photos at $8 to $10 per
photo—and lower warehousing costs.
The chain signed on and that led to other
work, including menus.
For years, the menus were printed on
from a Web-to-print
system that today permits each chain to
customize their menus for local offerings.
acquisition promised to take
the operation to a new level, and not just
for its more powerful capabilities. “We
didn’t just want a machine,” Calagaz said.
A series of “lunch-and-learn” seminars
for ad agencies on digital capabilities
A sponsorship of the Public Relations
Council of Alabama that delivered
speaking opportunities on one-to-
one marketing
Calagaz also gained visibility by
sponsoring the Marketing Executive Group
of the National Restaurant Association
semi-annual conference. And Lepine
helped the firm take advantage of these
opportunities by developing a selling
course tailored to the Calagaz
business plan.
These activities helped Calagaz expand
its restaurant business—the firm now
processes up to more than 200 menu
orders each day—by helping its customers
succeed. For example, client Jimano’s
Pizzeria worked with Calagaz to expand
from a regional chain to a national chain.
Our partnership with Calagaz allowed this
The Xerox
business development
program is a way for print shop
owners to bridge the gap between
focusing on the day-to-day
production and planning for
the future.”
Joe Calagaz
Vice President of commercial
printing at
Susan Weiss is Manager, Worldwide
Customer Business Development,
Graphic Communications,
Xerox Corporation.
We wanted a partner to help us
drive growth.”
Business Development
in Action
Xerox’s Lepine began her work even before
the iGen4 press arrived, helping to outline
a marketing strategy and giving input to
the Calagaz business plan. And when the
press was installed, she helped drive key
opportunities for showcasing its value to
customers, including:
An open house that attracted
attendees and drove a
percent growth in print volume
in the three months following
to happen seamlessly,” said Anna Oberto,
franchise sales director/owner, Jimano’s
Pizzeria, Chicago, Ill. “We are thrilled and
look forward to growing further
with them!”
Likewise, Joe Calagaz appreciates
how Xerox has helped his firm grow. “The
is a way for print shop owners to bridge
the gap between focusing on the day-
to-day production and planning for the
future,” he said. “The guidance of the
Xerox business development consultant as
well as the strategic marketing plan (and
other activities) were integral parts of our
growth and success with digital printing
and target marketing.”