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business Graph Expo 2011 Edition
When the words ‘Can you’ come out of the mouths of our customers, we want
to be able to say ‘yes.’ Xerox makes that possible for us.” Those are the words of
Louis Crockett, President of
the company that is featured on the cover
of this issue of
RealBusiness Magazine
When you think about it, “yes” really is the most powerful word in business today.
When your customers hear you say it, their confidence in your abilities grows.
They understand that you have what it takes to solve their business problems—
and to help them succeed.
Still, the ability to deliver on the promise of “yes” can be easier said than done.
As you will see in our cover story, Keiger Inc. understood that in order to meet
customer needs and grow their own business, having the right resources and
partnerships in place was essential. Working with Xerox, the company put our
XMPie technology to work, allowing them to raise the level of their variable print
capabilities and offer an emphatic “yes” to a key customer.
As you read through this issue and make your way around
, I think you
will be impressed with all the ways that Xerox is helping companies say “yes” more
often to their own customers. I encourage you to take some time to attend a few
of the great seminars and workshops here so you can see and hear firsthand what
I am talking about. If you can’t make it to Chicago, please be sure to see the
details in the Graph Expo article about attending virtually.
Whether you spend a few hours or a few days with us at the Expo, I’m confident
you will take home some new ideas and solutions that will inspire you to do more
great work, grow your business and delight your customers.
I think those are the kind of successes we can all agree to.
Ursula M. Burns
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Xerox Corporation