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business Graph Expo 2011 Edition
Yes, we can do that.”
Delighting customers
means finding a way to
create what they want,
when they want it, at
a price that’s fair. And
team always
pulls it off.
When the words ‘Can you’ come out of
the mouths of our customers, we want to
be able to say yes,” says Louis Crockett,
President of Keiger Inc. “Xerox makes that
possible for us.”
Yes to cross-media
Keiger Direct, a division of Keiger Inc.,
was created because many of the
printing company’s customers wanted
to reach their customers on a more
personalized level. They started out
with basic text personalization and now
use image personalization as well as
personalized URLs.
In 2009, Salem College came to us asking
if we could increase response rates… with
a reduced budget,” says Valarie Floyd,
Director of Keiger Direct. “Of course we
said yes.”
The team created what they called the
Salem Shines campaign. It’s a highly
targeted approach featuring invite,
non-response and follow-up emails,
video, interactive campus tours and
personalized response brochures—all
driven by personalized URLs.
In the first year, response rates increased
by an amazing 303%. Now in its third
year, the campaign features personalized
QR codes for smartphone users, and it
continues to generate response rates
that are significantly higher than the
industry average of 3.28%. This year,
the campaign also features two different
tracks: one for sophomores and one
for juniors.
Personalized mailers, direct
brochures and PURLs for
Keiger Direct’s campaign
for Salem College in
Winston-Salem, NC.