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Xerox Training & Education Services

“From the basic to the more complex, our team of trainers are dedicated to teaching our customers how to maximise the effectiveness of their Xerox print solution”

Our national team of training professionals can help you get the very best from your Xerox equipment. Whether its colour, duplex, booklet making, importing from other applications, saving for print on demand, the list is endless, our Training Executives will ensure you get the maximum from your product.

We know that incorporating technology into a business organisation is best accomplished by designing and following a carefully prepared training plan and providing structured training activities. All our courses are instructor led by Xerox trainers and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

We offer a range of courses covering basic operator training as well as advanced feature training.

Operator Training
Training & Education Services deliver operator courses on a wide range of products – from a small office machine to large production systems including iGen. The courses are all modular allowing flexibility for operators that are new to a product or are an experienced user.

Xerox Productivity Plus
The Xerox Productivity Plus program is designed to give you control and maintain system performance, job after job, day after day. It allows operators to run user-friendly diagnostics, perform preventive maintenance, and even make minor repairs.

In this one day, hands-on training session, operators work with Xerox instructors to learn selected xerographic and fuser module task and basic image quality troubleshooting.

In short, Xerox Productivity Plus gives you the training and tools that help you maximise uptime, improve image quality, and simply get the most out of your Xerox Digital Press.

Digital Press Colour Management Skills & Colour Workflow
Colour can be a moving target. It starts on designers screen, gets proofed on a desktop printer, probably gets converted to a PDF, and gets preflighted, proofed and then printed sometimes on offset, on digital or sometimes both. These are some of the challenges in producing predictable colour.

The Digital Press Colour Management Skills course is designed to help your operators better understand their customers challenges and enable them to achieve desired results from the digital press.

Whereas the Colour Workflow Course is tailored to meet your requirements. The trainer will work with you to help you understand your current workflow and will recommend best settings for digital print from the design studio through to the print department.

Temporary Press Operators
There are times when you might need additional, short term support, for example when a valued operator calls in sick. Our Xerox trained staff are highly skilled and efficient operators who are certified in areas of software application, troubleshooting, problem solving and advanced press maintenance. We will ensure you will continue to make the most of your investment.

Workflow Training
Our technical training team offer a range of courses, working with workflow automation, variable data, direct marketing and process control. These solutions enable consistent quality of documents and prints which will allow you to reduce wastage through workflow management.

“Our market continues to develop fast and if we are to keep pace we need to offer not just great technology and workflow but also professional and relevant business services focused on helping our customers to develop their people”

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