• Workflow Automation – Document Lifecycle Management

Document Lifecycle Management

Organisations need a cost effective, easy system that automates time-based events such as publication, distribution, and expiration of compliance-related documentation. Now you can efficiently manage documentation from the moment it is created or updated to the time it is no longer needed and destroyed, with the Xerox® Solution for Document Lifecycle Management.

Our solution for document lifecycle management automates critical, time-based events such as document aging and related actions like date-based reviews and expirations. Now you can automatically enforce and manage document lifecycle events including release, periodic review, and document retention.

The Xerox® Solution For Document Lifecycle Management enables organisations to:

  • Automate retention and periodic review of content to ensure it is current and compliant
  • Automate timed-based events such as publication or expiration
  • Change the state or visibility of content based on specific dates
  • Ensure that users focus on needed, current content
  • Extend the scalability and optimise the performance of your content management system

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