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Case Study: Co-Operative Financial Services Transforms

UK-based Co-operative Financial Services (CFS) offers customers a wide range of financial products, including banking, mortgages, credit cards, loans, pensions, unit trusts, insurance and more. CFS receives more than 10,000 items of customer correspondence daily, all of which must be read, responded to and filed in accordance with policies.

With purely manual processes in place, CFS couldn’t keep up, which was negatively impacting customer satisfaction and retention.

Now we’re helping to turn CFS’s mail-handling operations into a fully automated e-mailroom. Our managed service identifies, indexes, scans and stores thousands of incoming general insurance claims each day. The process uses a secure, resilient Wide Area Network for speed and data integrity.

Our enterprise content management system helps CFS offer same-day turnaround for activities like insurance claim settlements and changes to insurance policies, which used to take a week. It’s also saving CFS money and helping the company comply with industry regulations.

Read the Co-operative Financial case study (PDF, 865 KB)

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