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Learning and Development

At Xerox, where you start is not where you'll end up.

When you join Xerox, you become part of a team of ambitious and motivated professionals who seek to create tomorrow’s technologies, business processes and service solutions for our clients. 

We’re always eager to learn new things, collaborate with new people and explore new possibilities. That’s why we’ve developed such robust learning opportunities and in-depth mentoring programs

Grow your skills

To manage their professional learning, our employees use a comprehensive, global learning platform. It provides access to thousands of online courses, virtual classroom courses, simulations, job aids and other learning and development resources. Course topics range from leadership development to personal effectiveness to productivity tools for project management, customer service, negotiations and technology solutions.

Grow your career

We have developed and introduced accreditation programs, or structured career pathways, specifically designed for employees in particular business areas. These programs use standard criteria for measuring performance and provide recognition for skills development and application. We may also help with tuition fees where qualifications are required as part of your role.

Along with structured career and development, there are opportunities to move internally at Xerox, whether into a new department, a different business unit or a new customer site.