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Intelligent Document Processing

With information overload compounding by the day, IDP is now a must-have rather than a nice-to-have for businesses.

Do you know how much of your organisation’s data is unstructured, untagged or unorganised?

With ever-increasing amounts of data and documents feeding workstreams every day, data is rapidly approaching a critical mass.

Companies need faster, more effective ways of managing, processing, integrating and getting more value out of these large quantities of semi-structured and unstructured data, such as contracts, handwritten letters, invoices and emails.

Xerox’s Intelligent Document Processing: Better business results start with better data processing YouTube Video

As part of Xerox® Capture and Content Services, Intelligent Document Processing is a suite of powerful capabilities that learns from data to find patterns, automate workflows, improve accuracy and make predictive outputs – all without human intervention.

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Artificial Intelligence

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OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

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Machine Learning

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Handwriting Recognition

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Deep Learning

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Computer Vision

What you can achieve:

  • Gain meaning from unstructured content: simplified documents and data makes faster, more effective decision-making possible

  • Process all inbound digital and physical content: multiple use cases across several industries irrespective of file type

  • Increase productivity: advanced automation reduces processing times and makes it easier to get more done

  • Reduce costs: control, predictability and compliance to drive efficiency

  • Improve accuracy: better data organisation – automate data tion and glean understanding from any document

  • Enhance the customer experience: faster access to information provides seamless, positive interactions

  • Create a better employee experience: free up employees from low value, mundane tasks so they can focus on higher value work

  • Maintain low total cost of ownership: we manage it all with no additional third-party software licences required

  • Reduce implementation risks: our unique approach to services, software architecture and implementation enables rapid deployment

Our Intelligent Document Processing features inbound physical and digital data processing, as well as data extraction, classification and verification among many other best-in-class capabilities.

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Hantera datainsamling och affärsprocesser mer effektivt

Omdefiniera hur du hanterar insamling av fysiska och elektroniska data med våra Capture and Content Services. Med hjälp av kraftfull AI och maskininlärning kan du automatiskt samla in och validera information från digitala eller fysiska dokument.

Common Use Cases

Sales and Marketing

Human Resources

Purchasing and Procurement


Customer Onboarding

Customer Communications

Document Composition

Employee Onboarding

Employee File Management

Performance Management

Policy & Procedures

Vendor Management

Contract Management

Month End Close

Workflow Approval

Vendor Management

Contract Management

Requisition Approval

PO Processing Automation

Courier Automation

Finance and Accounting

Claims Management



Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Invoice Processing

Requisition Approval

Expense Reporting

Multi-Industry Claims

Workflow Approvals

Fraud Detection

Document Audits

Department Audits

Process Audit

Compliance Management

Contract Management

Support by Industry

Financial Services



New Account Opening

Loan Application Processing

Claims Processing

New Client Onboarding

Patient Registration

Medical Staff Credentialing

Information Exchange

Integrated Electronic Health Record

Contract Management

Mobile Digitisation Solutions

Public Self Service Access

Purchase Recognition Solution

Back Office Automation



Public Sector

Enrollment Management

Admissions Processing & Review

Student Onboarding

New Business Processing

Forms Processing

Claims Processing & Case Management

Contract Management

Public Records

Eligibility Determination

Grants Management & Compliance

Better business results start with better data processing and enterprise management. Don’t see a process you’d like to automate? No problem. We’re happy to work with you to create one that meets your unique needs. It’s that simple. And with Intelligent Document Processing, handling semi-structured and unstructured data has never been easier. Just imagine how far it can take your business.