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Case Study: Hybrid Mail Service Helps NHS Trust Deliver Better Patient Care

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust sends out more than a million outpatient appointment letters and reminders each year. The letter dispatch process was time-consuming and diverted more than 45 staff away from dealing directly with consultants and patients. Worse, with outdated databases, many patients never received their letters, or simply wouldn’t arrive for appointments.

Our Xerox Hybrid Mail Service turned things around. Now the trust is saving more than 50% annually in direct costs like paper, envelopes, printing and postage. Plus there are indirect savings, such as less time taken up with patient complaints about late or missing letters, and fewer resources needed to dispatch letters. These resources now can improve other patient pathway activities.

With letters getting to patients more quickly and reliably, the trust’s “did not attend” numbers have dropped considerably. Read the case study to learn more about the Xerox Hybrid Mail Service and how it helped Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust get better at helping patients get better.

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