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Xerox Production Inkjet Inkonomics Amplified

You’ve heard that inkjet has a lot to offer, especially its lower cost profile. But have you heard about our inkjet “Inkonomics”? It’s all about unmatched savings and expanded applications. First-generation inkjet fleets are ripe for replacement. And with offset volumes declining, being able to produce more premium pages for less and pocket more profit is critical.

Think you can’t achieve offset-like quality with inkjet?

Print experts took the High Fusion Inkjet vs. Offset Challenge with high confidence, but just 10% passed the test.

High Fusion Inkjet vs. Offset Challenge YouTube Video

The Inkjet Opportunity

This white paper looks at how production inkjet can transform your print operations, and considerations when comparing inkjet to offset and Xerographic technologies.

Avoid these hidden costs when buying an inkjet press.

The Total Cost of Ownership of an Inkjet Press

Inkjet in Action

Real-world feedback on the Xerox production inkjet portfolio.

Xerox® Baltoro HF Inkjet Press

Disruption och lönsamhet tack vare inspirerande innovation

  • Ger nya användningsområden på en mängd olika bestruket offsetmedia, inklusive glättat papper, med tillvalet Color Accelerator Module med High Fusion Ink

  • Total ägandekostnad som är bäst i klassen tack vare Automated Intelligence

  • High Fusion-utskriftsmotor med Xerox High Fusion W-Series skrivhuvuden med bläckstråleteknik ger en upplösning på 1200 x 1200 dpi med äkta HD

  • Modulär, skalbar plattform skyddar investeringen

Value. Volume. Velocity. Xerox Baltoro HF Inkjet Press YouTube Video

High Value Applications

Plan to extend the benefits of highly relevant, cost-effective inkjet printing to more of your work.

Direct Marketing

With innovations in print technologies, workflow automation and personalisation, marketers are re-embracing direct mail as a way to achieve more relevant, customised communications.


Digital printing is revolutionising the entire book publishing supply chain.

Profit from Transactional Marketing

Essential customer communications can be the most successful way to deliver messaging and drive sales.