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Print samples showing cosmetics boxes

Zuzu Print finds productivity gains and 40% profit increase with the Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press.

Lithuania-based Zuzu Print takes pride in its ability to reinvent itself for a changing market—a level of adaptability that has resulted in a decade of steady growth. But with a growing demand for Beyond CMYK embellishments from some of its largest and most valued customers, profits potential was literally flying out the door and into the hands of outsourced partners.

Looking for a solution that would allow for increased productivity, production capability, and—critically—the ability to add digital Beyond CMYK embellishments—Zuzu Print turned to Xerox.

Zuzu Print with their Xerox Iridesse Production Press

“Xerox has proved to be a reliable partner, with innovative technologies that contribute to our business growth. I expect that Xerox will continue developing and bringing new innovations to the market.”

—Tomas Birbalas, Owner, Zuzu Print

Zuzu Print found the ultimate solution—the Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press with its ability to print 120 pages per minute on a wide range of media (including the heavy stocks commonly used for packaging), as well as its Beyond CMYK capabilities.

Bringing home the gold: Case Study Highlights

  • Beyond CMYK technology allowed Zuzu Print to keep 100% of their embellishment work in house—resulting in an astonishing 40% gain in profit.

  • They were up and running with Gold, Silver, White, Fluorescent Pink and Clear Speciality Dry Inks in no time, utilising training and tools provided by The Genesis Initiative, a collection of free resources provided by Xerox to print operators and designers.

  • Iridesse’s built-in automation—including Xerox® PredictPrint® Media Manager—has eliminated production roadblocks, allowing them to keep up with growing demand and providing powerful, competition busting momentum for the future.

Iridesse White Ink Print Sample

Xerox® Iridesse® produktionspress

Banar väg för en lysande framtid med mer “wow”-faktor per utskriven sida tack vare digitala specialeffekter.

Xerox® PredictPrint Media Manager Software

An effortless way to optimal output on every print run. Scan, load and go—backed by the power of AI.

Xerox® Iridesse® produktionspress

Banar väg för en lysande framtid med mer “wow”-faktor per utskriven sida tack vare digitala specialeffekter.

  • Upp till sex inbyggda utskriftsstationer som skriver ut i en enda genomläsning, vid nominell hastighet och med exakt färganpassning

  • Speciality Dry Ink-tillvalen White, Clear, Silver, Gold, och Fluorescent Pink för specialeffekter och Media Expansion Low Gloss Clear

  • Full Width Array, en kraftfull teknik unik för Xerox som analyserar pressens prestanda för att snabba upp tiden till produktion

  • Optimal prestanda för blandade papperstyper med funktionen Xerox® Mixed Media Acceleration

  • Ytterligare dokumentmatare med hög kapacitet och integrerad efterbehandling, inklusive stabila konfigurationer som snabbar upp jobb med XLS-ark

Xerox Iridesse Production Press Technology Tour YouTube Video

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