The Resurgence of Direct Mail

If the ultimate objective of any marketing effort is to motivate action, then printed direct mail is the gold standard.

Consider for a moment the number of marketing messages consumers are exposed to each day — combined with the saturation of digital media — and it’s no wonder print offers the chance to cut through the clutter.

With innovations in print technologies, workflow automation and personalisation, marketers are re-embracing direct mail as a way to achieve more relevant, customised communications.

Key Stats and Opportunities

4 Ways To Seize the Opportunity:

  1. Become an expert on your customers’ data.
  2. Maximise efficiency by investing in the right workflow and production tools.
  3. Showcase your own capabilities though cross-media self-promotional campaigns.
  4. Educate your sales team to sell strategically focused, results-oriented direct marketing services.

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Conversation Starters:

Direct mail can help your customers differentiate themselves from their competition. Here are some conversation starters to convey the value you can deliver.

  • “We can tailor your communication to be personal and relevant.”
  • “Today, it’s more critical than ever that your communications span both print and digital media. We can help.”
  • “We can measure and optimise your campaigns for success.”

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