Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics bring together the industries of microelectronics, electronics assembly and printing. This fast-growing technology makes it possible to print circuits, sensors, memory, batteries and displays, all onto thin, lightweight, flexible substrates.

The potential uses for Printed Electronics are endless: custom electronics for smart packaging, smart wearable devices in conformal shapes, and sensors incorporated in the design of buildings, cities, cars, airplanes and just about any other device.

Printed Electronics will give people a low-cost, efficient way to embed intelligence into all products and objects surrounding us. That’s why Printed Electronics are paving the way for the “Internet of Everything,” and are capturing the hearts and minds of our Innovation researchers and scientists.

Innovation in Action

Printed Memory
Xerox Printed Memory

Xerox Printed Memory labels can measure and count. These printed micro-circuits can tell you when a water filter must be changed, or if a medical device part is being used incorrectly. They can also help protect your brand by keeping counterfeiters at bay.

Because Xerox Printed Memory is manufactured through a printing process, it costs much less than technologies based on RFID or silicon chips.

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Smart Packaging

Smart packaging can store, sense, compute and wirelessly communicate information — acting as if the package has a mind of its own. Our portfolio of customisable smart packaging solutions add low-cost intelligence that integrates with, and protects, your packaging.

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