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Product Information Management Services

With Xerox Product Information Management Services, you’ll transform fragmented processes into integrated, digital ones over a product’s life. This helps you deliver highly tailored, relevant product and technical information at every touchpoint for consumers, engineers and customer support agents.

From user guides to service manuals, we help develop content that is clear, consistent and easy to use.

This end-to-end management of product content delivers a range of benefits, from reducing costs and avoiding redundancy, to improving overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. In fact, we help clients save 20%-40% on developing and delivering product lifecycle content digitally.


Product Information Management Capabilities

  • Structured authoring and content repositories enable re-use of content by marketing, sales, services and learning organisations. They also reduce time to create product documentation, ensure brand consistency and boost accuracy.
  • Localisation and translation support international marketing and services requirements. Proprietary language memory system enables reuse of previously translated phrases to save time and money — as much as 50%.
  • Flexible document publishing and distribution systems, including at your facilities, or offsite.
  • Education and learning systems to improve learning effectiveness and reduce overall curriculum development costs by more than 10%.

Case Study: Nothing Lost in Translation

Three major automotive manufacturers saved truckloads with our translation services. They reduced the cost of translation while improving quality and time to market.

  • A truck and bus manufacturer reduced cost per word 75%.
  • A major auto manufacturer cut turnaround time 50% and cut costs more than 65%.
  • One of the three biggest U.S. automakers reduced turnaround time from 10 days down to one.

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