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Inbound and Outbound Digital Services

Accelerate the digitisation of paper-based processes. Our Inbound and Outbound Digital Services provide a delivery platform to scan, index, manage and store documents and the data embedded in digital document formats.

We can capture, digitise and process inbound communications — such as paper or electronic documents and their associated metadata — into communication components according to your requirements.

Outbound services involve the digital documents and associated meta-data being transformed and distributed through multiple digital channels such as email, SMS or via notification and retrieval methods such as PURLs. Then we can manage or store extracted content to help automate and digitise paper-based processes.


Inbound and Outbound Digital Services Capabilities

  • Scan, index, manage and store physical documents and digital files, as well as the data embedded within them.
  • Hardware infrastructure
  • Workflow tools
  • Enterprise content management
  • Digital storage solutions


Case Study: Baloise Insurance

Baloise Insurance in Belgium sees us as a single, strategic partner for all their print- and document-related needs. We manage Baloise’s millions of incoming and outgoing communications, in a timely manner, to support brokers and maintain client trust.

  • Dedicated, highly automated document management centre for efficient processing of inbound and outbound mail.
  • Colour printing and finishing services help uphold professional appearance of communications to customers while reducing costs.
  • Document supply chain management improves order processes and enables on-demand printing, resulting in 20% reduction in cost of stationery and document sourcing.
  • 50% fewer onsite print devices, reducing paper and energy consumption.

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