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Marketing Collateral Management

A typical organisation doesn’t have an integrated process for managing the many steps in marketing collateral development. We can help by delivering solutions that drive marketing efficiency through effective management of assets and templates.

Critical to every brand are brand guidelines, often expensively produced by the marketing department with the aim of controlling brand consistency. Brand consistency reinforces and enhances customer recall, but guidelines are hard to maintain, update and enforce. When communications are produced individually, guidelines are easy to circumvent. But when they are automated and templated, guidelines for marketing communications can be enforced, returning control to the brand. We offer creative services to help pull it all together. Here are some specific ways we can help:

  • Reduce the need for repeated work by centralising content into variable templates.
  • Leverage the existing investment in marketing collateral and workflows by creating templated documents.
  • Make templated documents available 24/7 in an online Collateral Store, which speeds and simplifies the ordering of high quality documents.
  • Reduce time to market by enabling controlled customisation, with end user job pricing and automated status and approval notifications.
  • Streamline the brand marketing process by supporting dealer and channel marketing with approved collateral. Make the marketing collateral available to partners 24/7.
  • Create localised, translated collateral for each market to support global deployment.


Marketing Collateral Management Capabilities

  • Template creation
  • Brand-consistent output
  • Customisation and hosting of digital and contracted print collateral through browser-based store
  • Delivery and fulfillment to an end-point client destination
  • Marketing collateral support may be added to e-published or customer-branded, non-print items, such as merchandise.
  • Localisation and Translation
  • Global delivery


Case Study: Electronic Parts Distributor

An international distributor of electronic parts improved global brand alignment and cut catalog production cycle time with our services.

  • Identified, implemented and integrated best-in-class product data management and publishing platform.
  • Designed web portal for vendor information submission to standardise input of text and images from many different vendors.
  • Centralised storage of product data and images, and created standard templates to automate brand-compliant catalog production.
  • Production and approval cycles went from nine months down to 13 weeks.

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