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Now is here. Are you ready to work differently?

Leading businesses are prioritizing investment in ways to draw ideas from data, automate workflows, personalize at scale and power up a flexible workforce.

How does Xerox help you make now work for your business?

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Automate Workflow

Digitize data. Secure it in the cloud. Integrate it to automate your workflow.

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Personalize at Scale

Bring together ideas and execution to better engage your customers with personalized experiences.

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Power Up a Flexible Workplace

Modernize IT infrastructure. Equip and support your remote teams.

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Xerox is Transforming How Businesses Work

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Digitizing Data

HM Land Registry teams up with Xerox to transform its paper-based catalog and document submission process.

Getting Resources to Bangladesh

We helped the Government of Bangladesh capture, store, and analyze population data.

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Move to the Cloud

See how the staff of one small business moved data to the cloud, enabling the business to grow.

Shift to Remote Learning

We teamed up with the Lincoln, Nebraska, Public Schools system to promote remote learning.

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What does the Future of Work look like?

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