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Meet the Versant® Colorful Heroes

Real-World Feedback on the Versant® Family of Presses: Flawless Registration, Color Consistency, Advanced Automation

Choosing a digital color press is an important investment and decision for your organization.

There are many factors to consider, including application needs, print quality, substrate requirements, average and peak print volumes, and budget.

To help you make an informed decision, we asked print providers to share their opinions, experiences and reviews on the Xerox® Versant® family of presses. Here’s what they had to say.

Growing Our Offerings

“We were one of the first customers to get the Vivid Kit with their Versant 280. We have used our Vivid Kit to grow our offerings.” Travis Bell Operation Manager Town and Country Printing INC DBA Minuteman (Houston, Texas)

Expanding Our Customer Base with New Offerings

“We are very excited to expand our offerings within the shop. The vivids will allow us start and grow our CMYK+ customers so we can expand in the near future into an Iridesse.” Clayton Authement Owner Beaumont Alphagraphics (Beaumont, Texas)

More Options for Our Customers!

“The addition of the vivid colors on the Versant 280 will allow us to acquire new customers and offer our existing customers more options to meet their color/printing requirements. It also provides us with the ability to match more corporate colors.” Nelson Bueno Owner Minuteman Press (The Colony, Texas)

Minuteman Press of The Colony Texas with their Xerox Versant 280 Press

First digital press with flawless registration

"The Xerox Versant is the first press where I have no problem running business cards 24 or 18 up. The slew and kick compensation is off the wall. The truth is, this press is a money maker and to boot my staff tells me it is a pleasure to operate. I made a good decision going digital years ago but I made a better decision going and staying with Xerox."

Dennis Beck General Manager Minuteman Press (North Palm Beach, Florida)

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Dennis Beck of Minuteman Press Florida with their Versant Press

Delighted with the print quality and reliability

“Although our lithographic presses continue to be busy, we’ve seen our digital department grow with clients expecting faster turnaround times. As a result, last month we installed our third Versant, the new Versant 180 which is currently running well alongside our other machines.”

Jamie Gilbert Production Director

Hickling & Squires (Nottingham, United Kingdom)

Jamie Gilbert of Hickling & Squires, with their Versant 180 Press

Digital technology at its finest

“My entire business is hinged on digital technology, so I did the research to pick the best tools for the job and I'm really excited to be an early adopter of the Versant 180. Xerox is a name you can trust. They are known for excellent support, and the new Versant models are more advanced and automated, so you can do a lot more with them."

Jim Francis Owner Minuteman Press (Fort Worth, Texas)

Minuteman Press, Fort Worth with their Versant 180 Press

This press has it all

“We were feeling the need to improve our printing capabilities and we came across the Versant 3100. This press has it all - maximizing the automation when printing brochures, improving print quality to a new level and setting color easily between jobs, with virtually no human hand. Simply put, printing has never been as easy and fun as it is today with our Versant.”

Daniel Pelikán Owner

Pelikan Daniel (Pardubice, Czech Republic)

Daniel Pelikan, owner of Pelikan Daniel, with their Versant 3100 Press

Consistent color from beginning to the end

“It’s the Swiss army knife of cut-sheet presses. Being able to offer full-bleeds and square folds inline is a great advantage. Jobs that had previously touched multiple departments can now be done in one pass.”

Tim Sellers General Manager Printegra (Fairport, New York)

Employees of Integra with their Versant Press

Amazing speed and color quality

“After recently upgrading our equipment to the Xerox Versant 180, we saw huge advancements in the work we do, such as printing envelopes. With an all-around faster press paired with enhanced color quality, productivity and automation, we are very happy with our Versant and highly recommend it.”

Sannick Kim Owner The UPS Store (London, Ontario, Canada)

Sannick Kim of The UPS Store with their Versant 180 Press

Speedy and productive

“The speed and productivity of our Versant 3100 enables us to increase our monthly print volumes and to face the production peaks typical for our activity. Also, we are able to meet our needs for short job runs, meet the deadline for proofing/production jobs and customize some parts of our long offset runs so the digital prints integrate the offset jobs.”

Jacopo Bernardi Technical Department Centrooffset (Mestrino, Italy)

Centrooffset with their Versant 3100 Press

Perfect balance between productivity and performance

“Versant is the perfect balance between productivity and performance - the ideal solution for our customer base. This press was the only solution we tested that was able to handle some of our unique jobs. Versant also supports our activity enabling some offset volume to digital - leading us to tripling our digital print volumes the last 6 months."

Paola Testori Owner Tipografia Testori Luigi (Bolzano Novarese, Italy)

Tipografia Testori Luigi with their Versant Press

We needed a powerful press

“We offer a range of printing services including fast print and printing on non-standard materials – including dense and textured paper, tracing paper and envelopes. When our old press wasn’t able to cope with increased volumes we needed a powerful press to improve the speed of orders, spot color accuracy and reduce the cost of printing. So we chose the new Xerox Versant 180 – the first to be installed in Russia – to strengthen our position in the market and develop our business."

Oleg Nekrasov Director Craft Printing House (Rostov-na-Donu, Russia)

Oleg Nekrasov of Craft Printing House with their Versant 180 Press

Standing out in digital print

“Our company was looking for a way to stand-out in the digital printing market through excellent quality, fast execution and automation. Today, we make these advantages every day thanks to the Xerox Versant because we can now automatically correct the fit and color reproduction with the guaranteed color correction tools."

Andrzej & Piotr Watychowicz Owners Drukarnia PAW s.c. (Szczecin-Pilchowo, Poland)

Andrzej & Piotr Watychowicz of Drukarnia PAW s.c. with their Versant Press

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