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Xerox® FreeFlow Makeready®

FreeFlow Makeready simplifies prepress steps.


Preparing complex documents day in and day out for print production can be labour-intensive, especially when combining electronic and scanned inputs into a single job. Save time and money by automating laborious prepress tasks with Xerox® FreeFlow Makeready® Software – a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) job preparation tool, with basic imposition, tab programming, and even simplified colour management and personalisation. Now your everyday complex jobs are suddenly simple.

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Key Features

  • Unsurpassed scan-to-print productivity – integrates with select TWAIN-compliant Xerox® DocuMate® scanners for superior image quality output with advanced image processing operations
  • Remote Scan – use your in-house Xerox production press onboard scanners, or Xerox office multifunction device scanners to capture scanned documents, giving you more flexibility
  • Automated programming and annotation of tabs – improving accuracy and consistency of output, while reducing the time and effort to set up jobs
  • Precise control – with "Electronic Light Table", front-to-back alignment is made easy for creating book publishing applications such as booklets, catalogues and manuals
  • True PDF workflow – accept a wide variety of input file types including Adobe PostScript®, PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG and more
  • WYSIWYG – "what you see is what you get" document preview improves accuracy and simplifies the proofing and approval process
  • Automatic job ticket updates – see your job changes reflected automatically in the job ticket, saving you time when it's time to print
  • Include basic variable content – create high-value documents by adding personalisation with an easy-to-use merge and labeling utility
  • Specialty Imaging Text – provides unique special effects, delivering visual interest as well as security to static text in documents

Your Challenges

Streamlining the prepress process, even with late stage editing, is paramount to meeting customer demands and getting jobs out the door on time.

Key Challenges

  • Your customers want jobs turned around in hours rather than days
  • Integration of hardcopy and electronic files is difficult and can compromise the quality of the printed output
  • You have to turn down some work, such as custom tab programming, because you don't have the prepress capability
  • Tab programming in general is a complex, time-consuming, manual process
  • Tight registration and flexible imposition layouts require a lot of trial and error, wasting materials and production time
  • Managing copyright permissions for course packs is labor-intensive and complicated
  • Adding variable data and personalisation makes it difficult to meet short turn-around times without errors

How Xerox Can Help

FreeFlow Makeready streamlines labour-intensive prepress steps and helps you make short work of complex documents, saving you time to produce more jobs, and making small jobs cost-effective. It consolidates time-consuming, tedious prepress tasks in a single program, helping operators work more efficiently.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Scanning with FreeFlow Makeready allows hard copy documents to be digitised and manipulated as electronic documents, for effortless combination of various media and file types
  • With Remote Scan, it's now easier than ever to combine electronic and paper documents – giving you flexibility to capture scanned input from select Xerox DocuMate® scanners and select Xerox devices with onboard scanners in-house
  • The FreeFlow Makeready Tab feature simplifies the printing process by making it possible to print the complete job without having to insert preprinted tabs or collate them in a separate offline operation
  • FreeFlow Makeready's intuitive Electronic Light Table interface ensures accuracy before submitting to print, getting to sellable output faster and with less trial and error
  • The Copyright Management option automates copyright permissions and royalty tracking required for course packs and other applications, enabling fast and efficient production