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Xerox joins Trellix and Cisco® for faster threat detection and response

Hackers are more sophisticated. The security on your printer should be too.

Not that long ago, printer security wasn’t much more sophisticated than a lock on an office door. Today, our networked printers and multifunction devices are much more sophisticated – as are the cyberthreats that target them.

That’s why Xerox has maintained a years-long partnership with global cybersecurity firm Trellix, as well as the networking and security giant Cisco, in order to keep our printers secure. This collaboration allows centralized printer management of printer security policies through Trellix’s ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) and Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE).

Upping the security ante

Real-world cybersecurity threats evolve daily, as has the industry response. In October 2017, Trellix and Cisco announced the integration of Trellix Data Exchange Layer (DXL) and Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid). This collaboration marked the interoperability of two open frameworks, which are now the industry’s largest infrastructure for threat incidence sharing and real-time security response.

Now Xerox has bridged its printers with Cisco’s pxGrid and Trellix’s DXL platforms. For the first time, ePO and ISE will inform each other about any detected threat to a Xerox printer. The result is comprehensive visibility to security threats, and real-time orchestration that supports your security policies. This is big news for customers, because no other printer manufacturer takes advantage of this remarkable cooperation between industry leaders. Your security organization now has fewer gaps, delays and friction that hinder effective operations.

How Xerox, Trellix and Cisco work together

Xerox multifunction printers1 use built-in Embedded Control whitelisting technology and communicate with ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) from Trellix. Our devices share threat events with ePO which uses the Data Exchange Layer (DXL) to pass the information to Cisco’s Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid).  In response to potential misuse or attack, ePO and ISE apply the appropriate security policies to neutralize the threat. Your printers are protected, and so are the other devices on your network.

Our print devices are already profiled in Cisco ISE, and many of them have an additional layer of protection with Trellix Embedded Control. This allows security professionals to designate our printers as trusted devices, which means your people can concentrate their limited resources on less secure endpoints.

Comprehensive network visibility of endpoints and threat response

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Multifunction Printer1 with Trellix Embedded Control

Trellix ePO - DXL
Cisco pxGrid ISE


  • Gain comprehensive visibility into network connected printer endpoints.

  • Centrally manage and enforce security policies.

  • Simplify, coordinate and automate threat detection and response.

  • Close blind spots, break silos, and eliminate layering of technologies that don’t communicate with each other.

  • Streamline resources for effective threat management and security operation.

Printer security may never be as easy as it was years ago, but Xerox, Trellix and Cisco are working to close that gap.

For full details see the Technical Brief.

1. Xerox AltaLink MFPs, i-Series MFPs, and EC7836/7856 MFPs

* Trellix ранее был известен под названием McAfee

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State-of-the-Art Printer and Data Security

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