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Xerox® Note Converter App

Spend less time typing up handwritten notes and more time acting on them.

Sixty percent of business people that write notes by hand type them up after the meeting.* What if there were an easier way to get your notes off the page and into the hands of your coworkers? Using Google AI technology, the Xerox® Note Converter App lets you turn handwritten notes into legible, editable and shareable digital files in no time.

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Write. Digitise. Share.

Pencil and paper icon in purple.

Take notes.

MFP Printer and email icon in purple.

Scan, email and share.

Give your handwriting an upgrade.

With the Note Converter App, you get all the convenience and ease of handwritten notes, plus the simplicity and time savings of digital file conversion. Quickly and easily edit and share your notes with anyone in your organisation.

Bring your notes to life with Xerox® Note Converter App.

Tap into the full potential of your handwritten notes. Optical character recognition (OCR) with Google AI technology is able to automatically recognise many handwriting styles. So you can save time converting your notes to digital files and get important information into the hands of your team, fast.

Birds eye view of two men meeting taking notes on paper.

Take notes.

Write your notes in a notebook or on a sheet of paper.

MFP touch screen displaying Note Converter App icon.

Open the app, scan and convert.

Open the app, convert your handwritten notes to txt files and email them to yourself.

Screenshot of Note Converter App platform

Edit and share.

Edit your notes and share with your team.

Your workplace assistant is ready and waiting.

Streamline workflows and tame complex processes in any office setting with Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled devices and apps for your workplace assistant. Xerox Note Converter App is ideal for use in all industries including, education, government, healthcare, hospitality, human resources, law, manufacturing and retail.

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*Source: NeoLab Convergence, Inc.

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