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Copiatoarele multifuncționale Xerox® sunt calea dumneavoastră spre productivitatea digitală

Evoluția echipamentelor de imprimare multifuncționale/All in One

Dispozitivele independente, precum copiatoarele sau faxurile, sunt relicve ale trecutului. Asta deoarece lucrătorii din birouri cer acum mai mult de la instrumentele și spațiile lor de lucru. Imprimantele multifuncționale (MFP), care economisesc spațiu, execută toate sarcinile pe care copiatoarele, faxurile, imprimantele și scanerele independente le executau individual. Dar MFP fac toate aceste lucruri mai rapid, mai ușor și cu mai multă conectivitate decât copiatoarele independente sau alte dispozitive ar putea vreodată.

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ConnectKey®-enabled MFPs

A new breed of MFPs takes connectivity even further. Xerox® ConnectKey®-enabled MFPs turn your multifunction printer / copier into a smart workplace assistant through:

See ConnectKey MFPs

Digital Workflow for the Digital Age

You used to press a button on your Xerox copier and multiple, collated copies would land in the tray. Now you can press, tap or swipe an icon on an MFP’s touchscreen and set a complete, digital workflow into motion. What do we mean by “digital workflow”? Here are a few examples:

  • Route documents for electronic signature or approval.

  • Automate repetitive processes.

  • Create custom flows that integrate with back-office systems.

  • Scan stacks of paper into digital files that are easy to search, share and store.

  • Print from or scan to cloud-based repositories.

While offices are not yet paperless, they are moving toward less paper. Digitizing workflows with Xerox MFPs is a great way to get there.

Learn How to Digitize Workflows

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