Inkjet Print Quality Like Offset

Digital inkjet printing just got a lot more attractive, producing inkjet print quality like offset.

With Xerox High Fusion Ink, you can print offset-like quality onto commodity offset coated papers using inkjet — like the Xerox® Trivor™ 2400 Inkjet Press. This is without needing intermediate coating processes or specialty print heads.

Yes, that’s right: Print High Fusion Ink on inexpensive coated stock, and have it look like a million bucks without costing an arm and a leg. High Fusion Ink also runs well on uncoated media.

With High Fusion Ink, you can maintain the attractive economies of inkjet production, while expanding into high-value, high-volume jobs that benefit from personalization. Read the brochure to learn more about expanding your inkjet media range without expanding costs and produce offset quality.

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Watch the video, “Xerox High Fusion Inks: Changing Production Inkjet Printing” to learn why customers repeatedly comment, “This image quality is the equivalent of offset!”

Xerox® High Fusion Inks - Changing Production Inkjet Printing

Xerox High Fusion Inks - Changing Production Inkjet Printing