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XMPie® Web-to-Print Solutions

Complete web-to-print solution with built-in prepress automation

Descrição Geral

XMPie's PersonalEffect® StoreFlow is a best-in-class Web-to-Print software solution for creating and managing online stores and marketing portals. With built-in prepress automation, StoreFlow enables the efficiencies of a truly automated, touchless workflow.

  • PersonalEffect® StoreFlow is a turn-key solution for creating online storefronts for ordering print including: data-driven variable documents, static products, and user-uploaded documents.

  • PersonalEffect® StoreFlow Pro boosts the power of PersonalEffect StoreFlow by harnessing the Adobe® InDesign® Composition Engine in addition to XMPie's own composition engine.

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Principais funções

  • Complete web-to-print storefront solution that manages the entire workflow from order acquisition to production to fulfillment

  • Lights-out prepress automation with built-in Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

  • Simple setup and maintenance — only a few steps to set up your unique, branded store

  • Static, personalised and variable data documents — print buyers can upload documents or select from a catalogue

  • JDF / JMF compliant job ticketing for greater automation, speed, cost efficiency, and ease-of-use

  • Mobile-friendly — intuitive online shopping experience from a desktop or mobile device

  • Integrated shopping cart with credit card processing or billing options

  • UPS and FedEx integration — instant pricing and shipping slips

  • Flexible reporting with detailed analysis of storefront sales and profitability

  • Supports an Adobe workflow — create product templates using a familiar environment

  • Extendable with an optional software development kit (SDK) and APIs

  • Upgradeable to support cross-media

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Os seus desafios

For your business to thrive in this fast-paced environment, you need a flexible, easy-to-use solution that will adapt to your needs, increase workflow efficiency, and help you stay ahead of your competition. XMPie PersonalEffect® StoreFlow has all the tools and functionality necessary to help you create profitable web-to-print storefronts and eCommerce portals that can help you reduce the costs to acquire, process and fulfill your online orders.

Principais desafios

  • Shorter runs, shrinking margins and greater competition — print service providers are being challenged to find ways to implement more efficient workflows

  • Meeting customer expectations to be able to submit and check orders online 24/7

  • Time consuming quoting, with only a small percentage of quotes turning in to orders

  • Need for accurate order entry from multiple sources

  • Repeat print jobs require the same effort as new orders

  • Disparate workflows waste time and increase costs

  • Missed opportunities up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers

  • Desire to transform into a marketing service provider promoting value-added services and products

  • Building brand awareness to reach new markets

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Como é que a Xerox pode ajudar

XMPie StoreFlow and StoreFlow Pro provide the technology to put your print business online and extend your market reach, gaining new customers and growing your revenue.

  • Streamline order acquisition and bring in new work.

  • Sell products and services online 24/7.

  • Increase the overall efficiency of your workflow.

  • Implement a scalable, modular solution as an investment in the growth of your company.

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Porquê escolher a Xerox?

  • XMPie, a CareAR Company, provides the quality, service, and technology that you expect from a trusted brand.

  • XMPie has Professional Services and Support teams ready to help with custom functionality, additional training, and general assistance.

  • StoreFlow and StoreFlow Pro include the Xerox FreeFlow Core pre-press automation module, enabling store administrators to pre-define multi-step workflows that automate pre-press functions required for an efficient production process.

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