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Impressoras de Produção Série D com Toner EA

Saiba mais sobre as Impressoras de Produção Série D com Toner EA que oferecem qualidade em impressão monocromática.

Benefits of Digital Printing

Sheet-fed digital printing presses are ideal for graphic communications and commercial print providers' high-speed, high-volume printing applications. Make prints using digital files in PDF, JPEG, BMP or other formats and get high resolution images in fine detail. Digital printing presses deliver the high-value applications your customers expect. This is what a digital printing press offers:

  • High Quality. Whether you’re producing a brochure, flyer or booklet, expect consistent printing across the board with a digital printing press. Some of our digital presses offer ultra-high definition resolution with four times more pixels than standard for stunning, vibrant colors on a range of media.
  • Speed. Depending on the model, our production printers can deliver 75 to 314 pages per minute. For our highest producing presses, shop from our collection of continuous feed printers.
  • Customization. Digital printing is ideal for customized marketing materials, photographs and other applications. Boost color management, apply specialty enhancements or complete your output with a variety of inline finishing options for unparalleled results.
  • Automation. Many brands in our digital printing press line have built-in, advanced automation features from Xerox innovation to transform performance and contribute to your bottom line.

Shop the Xerox cutting-edge digital printing press collection today.

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Xerox D136

Desempenho, qualidade e fiabilidade superiores a preto e branco.
  • Qualidade de impressão melhorada
  • Opções de finalização inline robustas
  • Cópia/digitalização de alto rendimento opcional até 200 ipm
800Kpáginas / mês
Desempenho, qualidade e fiabilidade superiores a preto e branco.