Corporate Officers

Hervé Tessler

Executive Vice President and President, International Operations

Hervé Tessler is president of International Operations for Xerox Corporation. He was appointed an executive vice president of the corporation and to this position effective  Jan. 1, 2017. Hervé was appointed a vice president of the company in July 2010 and a senior vice president in January 2014.

In this role, Hervé shapes Xerox’s international strategy while leading the operational teams that bring the broad range of innovative solutions and technology to current and new clients and partners in more than 150 countries.

Previously Hervé was president of Corporate Operations responsible for Xerox’s core corporate functions including research and development, information management, global accounts, marketing and communications, business transformation and environmental health and safety initiatives. He has broad and diverse international operational experience working with Xerox’s customers and partners.

Prior to this role, Hervé was president of Developing Markets Operations (DMO). DMO is focused on Xerox’s growth opportunities in emerging markets and countries around the world, including Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, the Eurasian countries, India and Russia.

Hervé joined Xerox in 1987 as a sales representative in Paris. He held positions of increasing responsibilities in sales and marketing for the company’s affiliate in France as well as other management roles of head of Xerox operations in Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and Turkey; president of Xerox’s affiliate in Brazil; and chief operating officer of Xerox DMO Regions West covering Latin America and the Caribbean.

He holds a master’s degree in law from Paris Assas University. He is a board member of A Better Chance, a national nonprofit organization that recruits academically talented and motivated students of color and guides them toward a variety of educational and leadership opportunities.