• Xerox Automates Logistics Processes for Morrell Group

Unboxing Opportunities with Apps

We streamlined order picking and packing to deliver huge savings for Morrell Group.

Case Study: 25% Cost Reduction with SignMe™

For more than 40 years, Morrell Group, a full-service automation controls design and engineering services organisation, has grown its business by putting customers first. The only problem? Their slow, manual and error-prone picking and packing processes. Determined to find a better way to get products to their customers, they turned to us for help.

With the SignMe™ app (developed by MidAmerica Technology) on a fleet of Xerox® AltaLink® devices, Morrell Group has been able to improve the speed and accuracy of its logistics processes and work more effectively.​




  • 25% cost reduction
  • Faster picking, packing and product delivery
  • Increased employee productivity
  • No mistakes in the packing process
  • Massive reduction in paper waste
  • 1M documents stored digitally in the system
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