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Sharing Best Practices

Our virtual learning series and video tutorials help you keep up with the latest industry trends.

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Beyond CMYK

The Art and Technology of Extraordinary Printing

Featuring Mark Zimmerman, owner and president of Spectrum Print Plus

Quality, consistency, impact — extraordinary print commands attention. That’s why Mark Zimmerman turned to the Xerox iGen 5 to boost growth and set his print shop ahead of competitors.

“The ability to keep work that was brokered previously to sheetfed printers in house was something I had wanted for some time, and the iGen 5 made it happen.” — Mark ZimmermanJoin us for an hour of insights, as Mark discusses how the iGen 5 opened up a new world of opportunity for his shop, including more work and satisfied customers that keep coming back.

No Limits! All Print Starts With Design

Featuring Mark Geeves and Richard Ainge from Color-Logic

Demystify the art of setting up metallic artwork and white ink separations with Color-Logic. Get exclusive, actionable insights from Color-Logic co-founders and industry front-runners, Richard Angie and Mark Geeves:

  • HOW to save time and make money creating metallic and extended gamut files.

  • HOW to expand into agencies, design firms and brand clients who have their own graphic design facilities, helping them achieve greater ROI.

  • HOW easily files can be created and produced with the Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press, Color-Logic and Touch7 Software.

11 Colors. A Million Ways to Outshine the Competition. With Xerox® Adaptive CMYK+ Technology

Get noticed for what you’re worth. Boost relevancy and visibility with impossible-to-miss digital embellishments.

Ben Maurais, Owner and Operator at ePrint, Inc., will take you on a deep dive into the world of Adaptive CMYK+ Technology. He’ll discuss how he leveraged the Vivid and Fluorescent Kit on his Xerox® Versant® 280 Press to turn up the value and seize new growth opportunities. Find out how to leverage this exciting technology to create the high-value, high-impact applications that can set you apart and deliver more profit per page.

Into the Bright: More “pop” and profit per page with fluorescent pink

Featuring Christine Yardley, President and co-owner of Print Panther, Inc. and special guest host Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse.

Join us as Christine Yardley discusses how the Beyond CMYK capabilities of the Iridesse inspired her to reimagine the possibilities of specialty print. She was especially inspired by the “pop” of fluorescent pink, and how digital embellishments have the power to drive both optimism and profit in the post-pandemic normal.

Power a more brilliant future and build business resilience

Featuring Mark Serbin from Serbin Print Marketing and Publishing

Mark Serbin, President at Serbin Print Marketing and Publishing, discusses how the workhorse performance and Beyond CMYK capabilities of the Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press helped his shop successfully navigate the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Applications Now and Next with Beyond CMYK

Featuring Craig Surette from GPA and Tom Moe President and CEO, Daily Printing

This very specific, hands-on presentation focuses on applications trending both now and next and how embellishments win business to bring important margin and volume to print shops that need it most.

Drive Profit in 2021

Keys to success with Beyond CMYK

Looking to jumpstart 2021 with a plan to capture new customers and increase your profits with specialty ink embellishments? In this webinar you will discover the key ingredients to a successful plan including:

  • High value opportunities for Specialty Inks

  • Seven game changer strategies to Drive Business

  • How do we turn great sales and marketing ideas into action

Expand Beyond Commodity Print

Featuring CatPrint

Listen to Rebecca Navagh, Marketing & Creative Director at CatPrint, share her experiences of how the Xerox® iGen® has helped to transform their business into a creative powerhouse for specialty applications for weddings, stationery, art posters and more.

Drive Demand for Your Brand

Eye-catching decorative effects with Color-Logic

"All Print Starts With Design" is the Color-Logic motto and during the presentation, you will get an overview of the system and a demo of what can be done in minutes to create embellishments into your files for the Xerox Iridesse. Take the guesswork out of working with metallics by any prepress or designer who knows Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign.

The Art and Science of Selling and Marketing Beyond CMYK

Featuring Kanovits Print

Zoltan Kanovits has excelled at showcasing the value of eye-catching applications produced on the Xerox® Iridesse® Press to his clients. Hear about his 4 Step Pricing Strategy, Marketing Techniques, Sales Strategies and other Beyond CMYK Resources to inspire you.

The Art and Science of Marketing and Selling Beyond CMYK Webinar

Featuring Minuteman Press

Dennis Beck, Owner of MinuteMan Press North Palm Beach Florida, shares his best practices on marketing and selling Beyond CMYK print applications with the Xerox® Iridesse Production Press.

Expand Creativity Beyond CMYK

Reimagine CMYK jobs with specialty embellishments

In this webinar, the Zimmet Group will help you to assess typical four-color jobs to determine if they are good candidates for embellishments, as well as review how to add the chosen embellishments easily in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Print and Creativity in a New World

Top Agencies Share Ideas to Move Ahead

Hear directly from Chief Creative Officers - from major agencies around the world – on how communications have changed in the past 3 months, what are the new ideas emerging in a new world and how will print come out of this.

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Getting Started with Xerox® FreeFlow® Core

Simply Streamline your Workflow

Xerox is offering a free virtual training webinar that will demonstrate ways for you to apply and successfully take advantage of the powerful capabilities FreeFlow Core offers, eliminating touchpoints and bottlenecks from your pre-press workflow.

Dreams Delivered: Turning liability into profitability with print workflow automation

Featuring Henrique Senf, Co-owner of AlphaGraphics Fort Lauderdale

Prepare to be inspired! Join us as Henrique Senf shares how FreeFlow Core production print workflow software was a complete game changer for his family business, driving efficiency, profits and customer satisfaction. Like many print shop owners, Henrique knew that there had to be a way to do more with less, and FreeFlow Core was the answer.

Optimizing Print Room Performance with SpencerMetrics

How does data analytics improve your operational uptime?

During this session, Vishal Sahay of SpencerMetrics discusses using data to better understand how to improve the performance of print room activities, beyond just your presses.

Xerox FreeFlow Core Advanced Upskilling Webinar

Intelligent Automation (Advanced)

Through a live demonstration, learn about the usage of FreeFlow Core and intelligent automation to create advanced solutions.

Xerox FreeFlow Core Upskilling Webinar

Intelligent Automation—Streamlined. Seamless. Simple.

Preparation for print jobs is becoming more complex making automation even more critical. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to better utilize FreeFlow Core to automate workflow processes and increase your percentage of touchless jobs. Joe Rouhana (VP - Xerox Content Software Group) walks you through several live scenarios to demonstrate the full capabilities of the workflow software.

Workflow Automation Webinar

Up Close and Virtual: Keeping Production Healthy in Difficult Times

Brass Beck shares how Mutual of Omaha - one of the largest in-plants in the Midwest - uses FreeFlow Core to produce high-end customer-facing applications in a completely automated workflow that is fully integrated into their web storefront to create fully optimized print-ready PDF’s.

Workflow at its Best Webinar

Featuring Print Pad

Ben Everest explains how Xerox® FreeFlow® Core eliminated their manual collation process and enabled hospital and physician prescription pads to be personalized and tracked through order and fulfillment.

In-Line and Off-Line Finishing Webinar

How to Get the Best of Both Worlds

In this session, Freddie Sandberg from Xerox discusses in-line and off-line finishing and how they can be used together in “dual mode.” You will also see the comprehensive Xerox finishing portfolio and finishing partners available for you.

Solimar Upskilling Webinar

Empowering Critical Communications

In this session, Jamie Walsh and Graham Walker of Solimar Systems, Inc. discuss practical solutions and support to help improve the way you run your business. You’ll learn how to improve quality and increase the productivity of PDFs, and optimize toner cut-sheet to inkjet migration using Solimar technology.

Print shop employee comparing swatches in different shades of orange to a print sample with an orange car

Color Management

EFI Upskilling Webinar

Latest and Greatest from EFI

This webinar features demonstrations of the latest EFI product updates:

  • Command Workstation 6.5 (Productivity, Color and Imaging, Management, Connection)

  • Updated version of Spot Pro (adjusting Pantone colors)

  • Freeform Create V1.1 (creating variable data documents and using specialty colors on the Xerox Iridesse Press)

CMI Upskilling Webinar

Accurate and Efficient Color Management

Chris Trimbach (CEO of CMI B.V.) shares the three steps in creating fully automated color workflows, easily. You’ll learn how to make, verify and migrate color profiles using CMI technology — the first 100% cloud solution for color management.

Photo of vibrant colorful prints in a printing press

Market Segment Applications

Xerox® Baltoro HF Inkjet Press Customer Experience Webinar

Steve Priesman from Omaha Public Schools shares how K-12 Schools have adopted Baltoro in their Printing & Publications Services to serve nearly 54,000 students and over 7,000 staff.

The Power of XMPie®

Explore Pre and Post Covid Solutions with XMPie®

Learn about several applications that use XMPie to streamline communications and generate additional business. The applications focus on space and queue management for Retail / Shops, Offices, Restaurants and Gyms.

XMPie® Omnichannel Campaigns

How to effectively utilize XMPie® omnichannel campaigns in Circle and uStore to deliver "Campaigns on Demand"

In this webinar, David Baldaro discusses XMPie technology, the value and challenge in omnichannel campaigns and how to deploy and sell these campaigns in the consumer world.

Social Selling

Harness the Power of Digital Selling to Succeed

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of social media (specifically LinkedIn) to promote your business and help develop further your customer relationships.

Social Selling Advanced

Unleash the power of social to succeed.

In this advanced webinar, Cat Young from Xerox discusses strategies for finding and connecting with the right people, shows how to engage with insights online and shares the benefits of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

iGen® 5 Customer Experience Webinar

Featuring Prodigital Printing

Darren and Michael Solomon, Principals of Prodigital, share their experiences of how the Xerox® iGen® 5 Press has integrated with their other technologies and transformed their business.