Save 25-40% On Your Printing With Toner Cartridges For All Your Printers - Regardless of Brand

With no risk, thanks to our Lifetime Warranty

Quality Replacement Compatible Toner Cartridges For All Your Printers From Xerox

Save 25-40% On Your Printing With Toner Cartridges for All Your Printers - Regardless of Brand

With no risk, thanks to our 100% Total Satisfaction Warranty

Like most companies, you probably have laser printers from several manufacturers. Now you can save 25-40% on your printing costs on all these printers, and achieve great image quality, using compatible toner and printer cartridges from Xerox, the inventors of laser printing.

Why choose Xerox branded cartridges?

  • Wide range, including HP, Lexmark, Brother, OKI, Kyocera, Epson, Panasonic and other major manufacturers
  • Save 25-40%, with yields equal to or better than the original
  • Risk-free thanks to our Xerox Lifetime Warranty
Brother DCP-1510
Brother DCP-1512
Brother DCP-1610
Brother DCP-1612
Brother DCP-7010/DCP-7020
Brother DCP-7030/7040/7045W
Brother DCP-7055/DCP-7055W
Brother DCP-7060D
Brother DCP-7065DN
Brother DCP-8060/DCP-8065DN
Brother DCP-8070D/8080DN/8085DN
Brother DCP-8110
Brother DCP-8110/8110DN
Brother DCP-8150
Brother DCP-8155
Brother DCP-8250
Brother DCP-8250/8250DN
Brother DCP-L2500
Brother DCP-L2520
Brother DCP-L2540
Brother DCP-L2560
Brother HL-1030
Brother HL-1110
Brother HL-1112
Brother HL-1212
Brother HL-1230/1240/1250/1270N
Brother HL-1440/HL-1450/HL-1470N
Brother HL-2030
Brother HL-2040
Brother HL-2070N
Brother HL-2120
Brother HL-2130/HL-2132/HL-2135W
Brother HL-2140/HL-2150N/HL-2170W
Brother HL-2240/HL-2240D
Brother HL-2250DN
Brother HL-2270DW
Brother HL-5130
Brother HL-5140/HL-5140L
Brother HL-5150D/HL-5150DLT
Brother HL-5170DN/HL-5170DNLT
Brother HL-5240
Brother HL-5250DN/HL-5270DN/HL-5280DW
Brother HL-5340D/HL-5350DN
Brother HL-5370DW/HL-5380DN
Brother HL-5440/5440D
Brother HL-5440/HL-5450/HL-5470
Brother HL-5450/5450DN/5450DNT
Brother HL-5470/5470DW
Brother HL-6050/HL-6050D/HL-6050DN
Brother HL-6180
Brother HL-L2300
Brother HL-L2340
Brother HL-L2360
Brother HL-L2365
Brother INTELLIFAX 2820/2920
Brother MFC 8300/MFC 8500
Brother MFC 9600/MFC 9700MFP
Brother MFC-1810
Brother MFC-1910
Brother MFC-7220/MFC-7225N
Brother MFC-7320/7340/7440N/7840W
Brother MFC-7360N/7460DN/7860DW
Brother MFC-7420
Brother MFC-7820/MFC-7820N
Brother MFC-8220
Brother MFC-8370DN/8880DN/8890DW
Brother MFC-8440/MFC-8440LT
Brother MFC-8460N
Brother MFC-8480DN/MFC-8680DN
Brother MFC-8510/8510DN
Brother MFC-8510/MFC-8520
Brother MFC-8520/8520DN
Brother MFC-8710
Brother MFC-8810
Brother MFC-8840D/MFC-8840DN
Brother MFC-8860DN/MFC-8870DW
Brother MFC-8910
Brother MFC-8950
Brother MFC-8950/8950DW/8950DWT
Brother MFC-L2700
Brother MFC-L2720
Brother MFC-L2740
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477
HP Colour LaserJet 100 M175 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet 1500
HP Colour LaserJet 1600
HP Colour LaserJet 2500
HP Colour LaserJet 2550
HP Colour LaserJet 2600/2605
HP Colour LaserJet 2700
HP Colour LaserJet 2820/2840
HP Colour LaserJet 3000
HP Colour LaserJet 3500
HP Colour LaserJet 3550
HP Colour LaserJet 3600
HP Colour LaserJet 3700
HP Colour LaserJet 3800
HP Colour LaserJet 4600/4650
HP Colour LaserJet 4700
HP Colour LaserJet 4730 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet 5500
HP Colour LaserJet 5550
HP Colour LaserJet 9500
HP Colour LaserJet CM1015/1017 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet CM1312 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet CM1415
HP Colour LaserJet CM1525
HP Colour LaserJet CM2320 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet CM3530 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet CM4540 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet CM4730 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet CM6030
HP Colour LaserJet CM6030 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet CM6040
HP Colour LaserJet CP1025
HP Colour LaserJet CP1210
HP Colour LaserJet CP1510
HP Colour LaserJet CP2020/CP2025
HP Colour LaserJet CP3505
HP Colour LaserJet CP3525
HP Colour LaserJet CP4005
HP Colour LaserJet CP4025
HP Colour LaserJet CP4525
HP Colour LaserJet CP5225
HP Colour LaserJet CP5525
HP Colour LaserJet CP6015
HP Colour LaserJet Enterprise M552
HP Colour LaserJet Enterprise M553
HP Colour LaserJet Enterprise M577
HP Colour LaserJet M351A
HP Colour LaserJet M375MFP
HP Colour LaserJet M451
HP Colour LaserJet M475 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet M476
HP Colour LaserJet M551
HP Colour LaserJet M575
HP Colour LaserJet M651
HP Colour LaserJet M680
HP Colour LaserJet M775
HP Colour LaserJet M855
HP Colour LaserJet M880
HP Colour LaserJet Pro M176 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet Pro M177 MFP
HP Colour LaserJet Pro M252
HP Colour LaserJet Pro M274
HP Colour LaserJet Pro M277
HP Colour LaserJet Pro M570 MFP
HP Colour LaserJetCP1515N
HP Colour LaserJetCP1518N
HP LaserJet 600 M601
HP LaserJet 600 M602
HP LaserJet 600 M603
HP LaserJet Pro 200 M251
HP LaserJet Pro 200 MFP M276
HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M401/M425
HP Pro M452
HP 600 M602
HP 600 M603
HP LaserJet P1212 MFP/P1217 MFP
HP LaserJet 1000
HP LaserJet 1010/1012/1015/1018
HP LaserJet 1020/1022
HP LaserJet 1100
HP LaserJet 1150
HP LaserJet 1160
HP LaserJet 1200
HP LaserJet 1300
HP LaserJet 1320
HP LaserJet 2100
HP LaserJet 2200
HP LaserJet 2300
HP LaserJet 2410
HP LaserJet 2420
HP LaserJet 2430
HP LaserJet 3015/3020/3030/305x
HP LaserJet 3100/3150
HP LaserJet 3200
HP LaserJet 4/4M
HP LaserJet 4000
HP LaserJet 4050
HP LaserJet 4100
HP LaserJet 4200
HP LaserJet 4240
HP LaserJet 4250
HP LaserJet 4300
HP LaserJet 4345
HP LaserJet 4350
HP LaserJet 4L/4ML/4MP/4P
HP LaserJet 5/5M/5N
HP LaserJet 5000
HP LaserJet 5100
HP LaserJet 5200
HP LaserJet 5L/5LFS
HP LaserJet 5MP/5P
HP LaserJet 5SE
HP LaserJet 5si
HP LaserJet 6L/6S/6X
HP LaserJet 6MP/6P
HP LaserJet 8000
HP LaserJet 8100
HP LaserJet 8150
HP LaserJet 9000
HP LaserJet 9040
HP LaserJet 9050
HP LaserJet Enterprise MFP M527
HP LaserJet M1005 MFP
HP LaserJet M125/M125NW
HP LaserJet M127
HP LaserJet M1319 MFP
HP LaserJet M1522 MFP
HP LaserJet M1536 MFP
HP LaserJet M201
HP LaserJet M225
HP LaserJet M3027 MFP
HP LaserJet M3035 MFP
HP LaserJet M4555 MFP
HP LaserJet M5025 MFP
HP LaserJet M5035 MFP
HP LaserJet M525 MFP
HP LaserJet M604
HP LaserJet M605
HP LaserJet M606
HP LaserJet M625
HP LaserJet M630
HP LaserJet M712
HP LaserJet M725
HP LaserJet M806
HP LaserJet M830/M830Z
HP LaserJet Mopier 240
HP LaserJet Mopier 320
HP LaserJet P1002/P1003/P1004/P1005/P1006/P1009
HP LaserJet P1102/P1102W
HP LaserJet P1132MFP
HP LaserJet P1505
HP LaserJet P1566
HP LaserJet P1606
HP LaserJet P2015
HP LaserJet P2035
HP LaserJet P2055
HP LaserJet P3005
HP LaserJet P3010
HP LaserJet P3015
HP LaserJet P3016
HP LaserJet P4014
HP LaserJet P4015
HP LaserJet P4515
HP LaserJet Pro M12
HP LaserJet Pro M402
HP LaserJet Pro M426
HP LaserJet Pro M521
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M26
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