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Carbonless Paper Technical Data
Coated Paper Description and Construction
Carbonless paper consists of a top sheet, a bottom sheet, and possibly one or several intermediate sheets. The top sheet (CB) has a curl coat on the front side and a coating consisting of binder and microcapsules containing fill and colour formers on the reverse side. The bottom sheet (CF) features a coating of binder and developer on the front side and a release coating on the reverse side. The intermediate sheets (CFB) contain the CF front side coating on the front and the CB reverse side coating on the back.

Weight % CB CFB CF
Paper 92-94% 85-89% 92-94%
Binder 3-6% 2-6% 1-4%
Microcapsules 1-4% 4% -
Developer - 1-4% 2-4%

The microcapsules are designed to rupture at a pressure of about 90,000 Pa (>1,270 psig) and will release their fill consisting of colourformers and transfer agents to the developer sheet.

Property CB CFB CF
Sheet weight 79.0 gsm 82.8 gsm 77.5 gsm
Caliper 115m 108m 98m
Moisture 3.9% 3.9% 3.9%
Brightness 92.0    
Image transfer   Black Black
Odour Virtually Odourless