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Premium Digital Carbonless

Finishing forms after printing

Loose sheets
Sets are just printed and stacked. Copies are then distributed right away.

Premium Digital Carbonless loose sheets

Sets are all blocked together to create one pad of forms. The forms should be jogged on the edge to ensure a level stack. The stack should be glued on one edge using PVA glue.

Separated sets of forms
Rather than being blocked together, this method produces separate sets of forms, which can be fanned apart from each other once the glue is dry.

Fan-apart glue is latex based and weaker than PVA. This, combined with the special release coating on the back of the CF sheets, results in separation between sets and the desired fan-apart effect.

Important In contrast to PVA glues, its vital to use Xerox Fan-apart glue with Xerox Carbonless paper. Every Fan-Apart glue is specifically formulated for a given Carbonless paper, hence we cannot guarantee results with non-Xerox glue.

Xerox Fan-Apart glue, part number 3R91032, contains 1 Litre and glues 25 reams of paper.

Premium Digital Carbonless seperate forms
Stapled sets of forms
It is so easy! A lot of laser printers can now staple sets as they print. For small and medium quantities, you may want to do it manually.

Premium Digital Carbonless stapled forms

Binding 'tear off' copies:
Just load your copiers and printers with your choice of Xerox pre-perforated sheets then use Xerox binder tape on your machine or any binding equipment.

A number of companies make binding equipment which can be used for binding carbonless paper into booklets. Try using Xerox Royal Series covers specially designed for use with the Xerox Document Binder 120.

Premium Digital Carbonless binding copies

For best runnability on your laser printer and perfect separation, use Xerox pre perforated sheets which are perforated on the production line.

Premium Digital Carbonless Perforated

Punching and drilling
Xerox Carbonless Paper can be punched or drilled. It is recommended to punch or drill half a ream or less at a time to avoid chads being left in the ream. Change punching and drilling tools frequently to get clean holes and no paper fibres left that could generate jams in copiers and laser printers.

Remember, Xerox offers custom/bespoke items that can be manufactured to your exact size and punched in the roll during production for optimum quality and printing productivity.

All Xerox Carbonless Paper can be guillotined. However, fan apart gluing using Xerox glue is much better using sheets that have been manufactured to the exact size during production.

When cutting Carbonless Paper, the clamb pressure of the knife should be MINIMAL. In any case, the guillotine blade should be pretty new and very sharp.

Care should be taken since sensitive and delicate paper stocks can be damaged or marked during the cutting process.